World of Warcraft: Low Level Gold Making Tips

This is a small guide which I hope will help you new to WoW or even those of you who are starting new characters, on the path to making a strong presence in the Auction House. This will teach the basics of low level gold making.

Sko's Catacalysmic Gold Guide

  • Pick up everything! Greys, Greens, Blues, everything has it's value, greys especially. When you get into the 45-60 dungeons greys can be worth 1-4g each and the gold from them will rack up in no time.
  • Flip items at the Auction House. Use Auctioneers search function to find awesome items to flip/vendor for gold.
  • Inscription can make gold even at level 75! Make/learn your daily low level glyph and craft the profitable ones, you can earn up to 500-1,000g depending on which glyphs you can craft, not bad for being level 15 (:
  • Collect bags as soon as possible. More inventory slots = more things you can store. If you're using tip #1 this means more gold  as you'll have more items in your inventory
  • Check the price of an item at the Auction House! Some items such as greys and white items can go for 10 times more than they do when vendored, while vendoring is the easiest gold it won't always give you the best bang for your buck.
  • Grab gathering professions! Low level ores & herbs can net you a ton of gold at low levels. Ores like copper and tin fetch 5-10g per stack, and that much on a level 1-20 toon is a lot.

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