World of Warcraft: Match playstyle to your character’s professions

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I was talking to an associate, who asked me which professions, would be good for his mage. Now, I played WoW, for about 5 years, and really thought I knew this already. But we got to talking, and he wanted to know which was best for his mage as far as bonuses went for PvP play. Then I got to thinking, that we could actually use a few different information, for each class.  If we break it down, we can base race and professions, and see which are best, for which class and type, such as DPS, Tank, or Healer.

If we start with the assumption, that each player will play either a DPS, Tank, or Healer... that is actually limiting our view.  I thought more on it, and realized that we could also include other basis, which are PvP, melee, and ranged. You see if you play to play PvP, and you know you will either be playing solo, or with a friend who is not a healer, then we need to maximize our ability to heal. For example; When it comes to being able to heal yourself, the Draenei's built in ability Gift of the Naaru comes in pretty handy for it's healing. Now add in Jewelcrafting, and we can make a Dense Stone Statue, another healing item.  Also add in Herbalism, and we have yet another healing spell, Lifeblood. Add on top of that, we can have healing potions as well. Those are 4 different healing spells or items - not including trinkets nor off-hand items that can be used to heal and keep us alive in PvP. And none of them share the cooldown of the other item. Imagine your enemy's surprise when you heal not once, but 4 different times, all in the course of 2 minutes. They will be screaming "HAKZ!", in no time. But of course, using the in-game mechanics, can't get us in trouble.

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Race Bonuses


Gnome: In PvP, the ability Escape Artist, is a nice one. It doesn't seem to share the cooldown of similar effects like the Human's ability, Every Man for Himself. So this is a more preferred race in PvP.  Expansive Mind makes for a great caster as well, but not especially so a PvP Caster. We like how the gnome has Engineering Specialization. Engineering is one of our preferred professions for PvP, and this will be a nice bonus to the ability. As far as Shortblade Specialization and Arcane Resistance go, these are insignificant in any role or in PvP except perhaps against an Arcane Mage.

Dwarf: Has Stoneform, truly an awesome ability, in PvP. The ability to remove Diseases, Poisons, and Bleed Effects makes for a effective weapon against Casters and Hunters, as well as Warriors. Can be useful for almost any class. Also has Frost Resistance, which can help when fight frost mages, though not by much. Additionally Gun Specialization and Mace Specialization, adds a small bonus for hunters and and melee based characters, but not a significant raise in ability nor offers anything unique towards PvP.

Note the Dwarf, also now has Explorer. This will slightly increase Surveying speed, and will present a slightly higher start position, though not very useful at higher levels. Could decrease the time to level Archaeology to 525 from 35 hours, to 32.

Human: As far as PvP goes, Humans, are one of the better races to have. Every Man for Himself removes the need for a trinket of a similar ability. Unfortunately, it shares a cooldown, so you can't have the trinket and this ability, but having an open trinket slot makes up for it. Additionally, the 3% bonus to spirit with The Human Spirit, is a nice bonus for casters. But of course spirit tends only to be useful out of combat, thus it's not really good for use in PvP. Humans also have Mace Specialization and Sword Specialization. These abilities are only good for low level characters, and don't make the Human a better choice then others. The nice thing that comes with a Human, is Diplomacy. This is good for PvE. Overall, the Human would not be a good choice for PvP. It's not a bad choice, but there are other races which would be better, such as the Gnome for example.

Draenei: Has Gift of the Naaru, good for a little healing bonus. Great for non healers. Also has Heroic Presence and Shadow Resistance. Neither of these are truly significant, and great for any class. Shadow Resistance might be a little help versus Shadow Priests and Warlocks.

Night Elf: As far as perks for the race go, there is no benefit to having a Night Elf versus any other class, except perhaps Shadowmeld, which could be used in a battleground to hide in a bush or something, afk. A Night Elf, also has Nature Resistance and Quickness, but a 2% bonus is nothing to jump for joy about. Additionally, being able to run back to your corpse faster with Wisp Spirit, won't even help you level faster. Nature Resistance might help a little versus a Druid.

Of any of the classes, this is probably the weakest of all the races, when it comes to added abilities.

Worgen: In PvP, the Worgen is a great race. With both Darkflight and Viciousness this makes for an especially potent DPS or Tank. Instead of running away from the enemy, Darkflight, will also allow you to run towards the enemy. Getting right up on a ranged attacker quicker, will allow for some good interrupts and more quickly negate the ranged attack.Of course when your health is almost nil, and you have no other recourse, Darkflight might give you the added seconds needed to get away from an otherwise deadly encounter. Viciousness also is a nice added bonus. While 1% isn't a lot, that added chance at a crit, can make for a preferred passive ability.

The other abilities of the Worgen, aren't very useful when it comes to character classes or PvP. They are Aberration, Enable Worgen Altered Form, Flayer, Transform: Worgen, and Two Forms. At this point, I am not sure if Running Wild, will be of any use in PvP or escaping an enemy.

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Troll: In the Troll race, there are some decent PvP abilities, including; Regeneration which allows you to heal slowly, while in combat, Da Voodoo Shuffle which is good for melee classes, and Berserking which is good for casting and melee classes. The other abilities; Bow Specialization, and Throwing Specialization while aimed at hunters and possibly rogues, don't do any significant damage increases as far as PvP go. Beast Slaying, only helps to level a bit faster, but again the amount is negligible.

Orc: As far as tanks and dps go, this is probably one of the stronger classes. Additionally, the added bonus of Hardiness, makes for a fairly nice passive ability. It's not as nice as the undead's Will of the Forsaken, but it's still a fair ability, which can give you those added seconds needed to save your character's life. Additionally the Orc has Blood Fury, good for any DPS, since it doesn't share a cooldown. Command is also a nice bonus for combat pets. However doesn't seem to work with Engineer's combat pets, so keep that in mind.

Also has passive ability, Axe Specialization. But this is really of no consequence, except in the case of low level axe wielders. At higher level, makes little to no difference, and shouldn't be used in mid to high level PvP, because of the bonus to axes. We much prefer polearms, when the ability is available.

Blood Elf: Has Arcane Torrent, good for silencing nearby casters. Very good for melee classes as an interrupt. Also has Magic Resistance, but not a significant amount of a resistance 1 in 50 chance to not be hit? Bleh.

Tauren: The Tauren, seems to be more aimed at Tanks, then anything else, however the melee dps can also use these abilities. Endurance gives the PvE Tank a nice addition in Health. While War Stomp seems to be something that any class could use, it would be most effective on a tank.  However War Stomp is also a good ability for anyone in PvP who watches what the enemy is about to cast on them. Throw down this spell towards then end of their cast time and it will really mess up a caster and take out their ability they were about to throw. Also good for stopping heals when close to the enemy. Cultivation and Nature Resistance are not really worth mentioning as war as PvP or class go. The Nature Resistance might help a little versus a druid.

Undead: The Undead is one of our favorite PvP classes. Will of the Forsaken while sharing the cooldown of similar abilities, is a nice PvP ability to have, for any class type. Additionally, Cannibalize, will allow the PvPer to consume the corpse of the enemy he just killed, next to him. This also drops you out of combat, making for a nice way to cast that rez spell or Engineering miracle. Shadow Resistance and Underwater Breathing aren't too awesome in PvP, however the small bonus to resist with the Shadow Resistance will help against Warlocks and Shadow Priests.

Goblin: As far as Goblins go, we aren't yet sure what exactly the Goblin will excel in. The Rocket Barrage, could help act as a spell interrupt, versus casters. Time is Money might be helpful in PvP for any class, but not a huge significance. An increased cast speed translates into an increased dps, of the same amount. Rocket Jump, could be used for melee based classes to break line of site on a caster, so could become an especially good ability, but we aren't sure how far you will jump forward nor if it will be enough to break line of site.

As for the other abilities; Pack Hobgoblin gives the level 450 Engineering skill, to the Goblin. Good for banking loot while in dungeons/instances, allows you to carry out more. Better Living Through Chemistry, is not great for higher level alchemists, but does help in the starter levels a small amount. Best Deals Anywhere, will be a highly sought after bonus for BoP items. The Best Deals, will not apply to things which could be purchased with a mule and then transferred to an alt.

Profession Bonuses

Skinning: Skinners gain the passive buff Master of Anatomy that increases their critical strike rating and grows more powerful as the player's Skinning level increases.

As far as DPS both ranged and melee, this is a pretty good skill to have. It will increase your crit chance slightly. Good for PvP, not good for healers, and little bonus for tanks.

Herbalism: Herbalists can learn Lifeblood, a self-healing spell that grows more powerful as the player's Herbalism level increases.

This is a nice ability, that works well in conjunction with healing potions, or while healing potions are on cooldown. Bonus to haste also makes for a powerful PvP ability. Having only a 2 minute cooldown, is also a great plus.

Mining: Mining gain the passive buff Toughness that increases their Stamina and grows more powerful as the player's Mining level increases.

Mining, seems to be more aimed at tanks. Any little boost to stamina can be nice, but a max level of 60, means only about 600 health, which is hardly worth anything as far as PvP goes. Could help other classes, but again this is not recommended, as far as a profession used simply for the "perks."

Enchanting: Enchanters are the only players who can have ring enchants, providing a variety of bonuses.

Pretty good for any class, as enchantments available, are good for any class, however not something that is going to stick out more then other professions. 2 bonuses.

Tailoring: Tailors can weave an Embroidery into their cloaks which can provide an extremely powerful procced buff. They can also craft a variety of Tailoring-only magical carpet flying mounts.

This is a one bonus enchantment kind of thing. Since it can only be used on your cloak, it doesn't have a significant bonus over any other ability.

Leatherworking: Leatherworkers learn exclusive Fur Lining spells which they can use to enchant their bracers with buffs far more powerful than those available from Enchanting.

Again, something for every Class, not something that stands out. Only one bonus enchantment.

Alchemy: Alchemists gain the passive buff Mixology, which increases the effect and duration upon consuming any elixir or flask they are able to make. Flasks and elixirs will have double the duration, and will see variable increases in the potency of their provided bonuses. Alchemists can also craft trinkets which serve as transmutation stones, are able to create and consume Crazy Alchemist's Potion.

This is best for any caster. The Crazy Alchemist Potion, is about 500 points better then a Healing Potion or Mana Potion. But the fact that it does both, is the bonus that casters will often need.

Inscription: Scribes can create and use powerful Master's Inscription shoulder enchants, which provide buffs far more powerful than those available from faction reputation vendors.

Another skill good for any non specific class. The spells can be for any shoulder equipment, and are great for any class... but not something overly great for PvP over any other profession. Only 1 bonus.

Engineering: Engineers can craft devices which can be affixed to various equipment slots to provide a variety of interesting effects. Since many Engineering-created items require certain skill levels to be able to use, almost anything could be considered a perk!

I have always felt that Engineering was the profession for PvP, in what it can offer.  It can make non-healers able to rez their companions, provides equipment repair within instances, ability to mail off loot while in dungeons.  This is the all around best profession when it comes to the amount of perks.  At mid levels, it's also a good way to have combat pets, similar in effect to hunters, something to distract the enemy. Engineering, brings all the other classes to the player, without having a multitude of characters out there. Expect to need some extra skill bars with an engineer.

Blacksmithing: Blacksmiths are capable of adding an additional gem socket to their bracers (with Socket Bracer) and gloves (with Socket Gloves).

Pretty much good for any class, as sockets can be bound with any gem type, but not a super bonus that stands out either. 2 bonuses.

Jewelcrafting: Jewelcrafters can also cut Dragon's Eye into special gems with increased stats that only they can equip, though they are limited to equipping only three of these gems at a time. Jewelcrafters also can craft unique trinkets that only they can use.

As mentioned in the intro, JC'ers can make Healing Stone Statues, which are a bonus to any non-healer, great for PvP. The Bonus of the "Special Gems" is a nice bonus to any class. Add in the trinkets that are JC profession specific, and we have a winning combination. While this is not a great item, Figurine - Dark Iron Scorpid this can prevent your enemy from stunning you and grabbing a few precious seconds of healing from a bandage. Additionally, there are many other Figurines trinkets, which will help in combat. 1 special bonus.

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As far as Races go, for Alliance the Draenei is the preferred race, with the Night Elf, coming in dead last. Avoid the Night Elf, for PvP and sadly, even leveling. For Horde, the best race is tied between the Goblin and the Undead. The Undead will be powerful for Engineers and Healers. The Goblin will likely be a powerful melee class.

For professions, the best is arguably the Engineer. The added abilities for the Engineer, and the fact that the items dont need to always be equipped, make for a strong profession. In second, would likely be Alchemy, followed by any of the following 3; Herbalism, Skinning, Blacksmithing. The worst as far as PvP goes, is probably mining. 600 Health, is a meager amount.

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