Pilgrim’s Bounty Cooking Guide 1-350

Folks, if you don't have cooking on any of your characters, but really wished that you had taken it, for any reason, then the Pilgrim's Bounty (H)(A), is the time to learn them.  I was able to level my cooking all the way to 355. Though the final recipe will turn green, and make it difficult to get past 350.

Pilgrim's Bounty Cooking Guide 1-350

Start at the Undercity or Stormwind

  • Purchase Bountiful Cookbook from the Pilgrim vendor for 1 silver
  • Learn the Spice Bread recipe from the trainer if you don't have it already
  • Make 60x Spice Bread to reach 40 Cooking and set up the next step
  • Make 60x Spice Bread Stuffing to reach 100 Cooking (train @ 75)
  • Make 60x Pumpkin Pie to reach 160 Cooking (train @ 150)
  • Travel to Orgrimmar or Ironforge for Tangy Cranberries
  • Make 60x Cranberry Chutney to reach 220 Cooking
  • Travel to Mulgore or Darnassus for Sweet Potatoes
  • Make 60x Candied Sweet Potato to reach 280 Cooking (train @ 225)
  • Return to Undercity or Stormwind
  • Kill 20 Wild Turkeys in Tirisfal/Elwynn Forest
  • Make 20x Slow Roasted Turkey to reach 300 Cooking

Pilgrim's Bounty Cooking Trainers

There are Cooking trainers located right at the Pilgrim camps who will teach you each level of Cooking skill you need to reach 300. The only reason you'll have to travel is to collect the different "local" produce items for the recipes. You may also need to overstock a bit on each step. Once a recipe is yellow it isn't quite as reliable for skill points. I averaged about 62 items per recipe, so bear that in mind when you're purchasing ingredients from the vendor. Most of the city camps have barrels behind the vendor that act as a secondary vendor. If your having trouble with objects being "busy", try the barrels!

Pilgrim's Bounty Cooking Guide 300-350

To continue beyond 300 you'll have to go to Outland or Northrend to visit expansion trainers. Expect to put in another 30 minutes or so to get from 300 to 350 in Cooking. Most of that will be traveling and killing more turkeys. You'll probably want to collect about 60 additional wild turkey corpses. Don't forget to stop by the Bounty camp in Stormwind/Undercity and stock up on herbs and honey before you hearth back to Shattrath/Dalaran.

  • Kill 60x MORE wild turkeys in Tirisfall/Elywynn Forest
  • Purchase 120 Honey pots and 60 Autumnal Herbs from the Bounty vendor.
  • Travel to Outland/Northrend to train Master Cooking
  • Make 60x Slow-Roasted Turkeys to reach 350 Cooking

This takes about 90 minutes to complete, including all the travel and turkey slaughter.  The quests for this event will grant experience, so take advantage if you're still leveling alts. All of these quests are quite easy, most of the work is traveling between major cities.  At level 80, the quest rewards will pay for your skill learning.

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Pilgrim's Bounty Cooking Tips

Tip: These new recipes DO count for our Cooking achievements. You get five new recipes to add to your recipe tally. Make sure you pick those up if you're still working on Chef de Cuisine or one of the lesser versions.

Tip: Don't worry, if you make enough that a skill goes gray.  You will be able to use the excess foods for the quests.  Alternatively you can sell them on the Trade Channel.  The AH will not accept these items however.

Tip: If you are doing the quests pickup at least 100 of each item, to do the quests easier.  You will want to get the pumpkins, sweet potatoes, and cranberries for this.

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