World of Warcraft: The Peddler & Crafter’s Gold Guide

There are some things in life that is hard to sell. Your time, effort, and crafts are usually one of them. Not everyone needs a JC at the same moment you are offering your services, and few truly understand the money needed to get those expensive Titanium Powders. Let’s figure out how to maximize your talents.

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Hours of Business

To get your business going, you will need to be present and ready at peak hours. This is when the biggest bulk of players are on. Within this time frame, find yourself a major city to plant yourself in, other than Dal or Shatt, and what hours you are willing to work. Keep a schedule and keep to it as often as possible. Advertise yourself via Trade Chat every 5 to 15 mins. Don’t SPAM!

“Hey everybody! It’s Friday! It’s 5 PM! Your favorite JC is in IF and ready to cut. Find me at the Bank!”

Set Prices

If you want to work for tips, let them know upfront. If you want to use your mats or have them bring their own, again, let them know up front. Nothing loses a large base of customers faster than traveling around the world and then find out there’s a fee to the service.

Be competitive. If someone is porting people to Dal for 10 GP, then charge 5 GP. Understand that a person of different levels will have different amount of money on them. For repeat customers, adjust prices to be fair. I’d port players to Dal for 10 GP a ride, but if you are a level 20, I would gladly lower my prices.

Make yourself known

If you are going to sell yourself, you need to stand out. That GS 5000 gear you are wearing may seem impressive in battle, but this isn’t battle. Tuxes, holiday wear, and dresses will help you stand out in a field of armor plated scourge fighters.

Guilds can benefit as well. If you have guild mates that want to cash in too for an hour or two, then group together. Put on the tabards and look sharp as a whole. Advertise the guild not the players within.

“The Farmers’ Alliance is now open for business! Come see our wares. Come bring your mats. You need it? We got it! Look for the boys in Blue and Gold outside the SW Bank!”

Don’t forget promotions. Need customers? Give free gifts, discounts, vouchers for future transactions. For vouchers, mail yourself a copy of a self written coupon.

“Thank you for choosing Daknit Services. Turn this letter to me at your next transaction and get 50% off your total purchase!”

“Thank you for letting me cut your gems. Turn this letter in to me next Friday between 6 pm and 7 pm in Ironforge and you will get 1 free cut!”

And never forget to say thank you, even if they don’t tip.

What to peddle

Alchemy, Blacksmithing, Enchanting, Inscription, Jewel Crafting, Leatherworking, Tailoring, and First Aid are all basic Link Posts. You put your link up and people will come to you with requests. Consumable items such as bandages, elixirs, scrolls, wizard oils, grinding stones, and armor kits you should have on you and pre-made. You can charge in bulk or per request. If you are an enchanter, throw up your enchanting link and announce that you have custom weapon and armor vellums for sale. Many players have soul bound items that need that kind of service.

Lock Picking and Key Services are a bonus. Even selling keys in bulk can be profitable to other smithies who don’t wish to put in the time, effort, or money to make their own. Lockboxes are everywhere and not everyone can unlock them.

Running and Signing are very common place, too. Volunteering to sign charters can net you some simple cash for your lower level characters. Mid to High level characters can also gain a slightly larger profit by running lowbies through much needed instances for a fee. A typical Dead Mines run can be done in less than 20 minutes. Keep in mind to protect your clients while you are culling the dungeons; they may try to get in the action and wind up dead themselves.

Prospecting is straight up common sense. Are you a miner/blacksmith that need certain gems that cannot be found on the AH? Find a prospector and hand over those ore to be broken down!

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