World of Warcraft: Turkinator Tips

If you're trying to get The Turkinator achievement in WoW, then here are a few tips for you.

Be in a group, and use this macro..

/target Wild Turkey
/script SetRaidTarget(“target”,5)

Use Tracker Snacks, or have someone scout ahead for you.

Plan ahead. Know the area/route you plan to use.

Do it in the early morning 1am to 3am is best, when less players are on.

Know that you have to kill 40 turkeys, with a maximum of 30 seconds between attacks.

Non Casters, use a ranged weapon, with a low cast time. If you can cast instant DoT's, do so.  If you see a group of them, use an AoE.

Use boots or items with speed increases.  Have ready potions of speed and water-walking (you can mount with this potion).

If you see another player killing turkeys or if you see dead turkeys, turn 90 degrees away.

If you don't see one within 5 running seconds, mount to get close to them. Use your mount to run past them, so you are closer to the next kill.

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