WoW: Another Spectacular Mining Spot for Thorium

This one, we are going a bit old school on you.  By this I mean, it's a vanilla WoW spot, which can net you 10-15 stacks of Thorium ore per hour. Why Thorium? Well simply put it's because on my server, everyone has level 80's, and no one is really doing much farming for it. Also, it's needed to get recipes for Blacksmithing (as bars). Yet, there are still plenty of blacksmiths, engineers, and jewelcrafters, who need this material.  So much so, that in recent weeks, on my server, its going for 400 gold a stack.

According to WoWHead, there are quite a few different spaces to hunt for Thorium, however the easiest is actually Un'Goro Crater.  It's because even if you don't have a database and map of where every thing spawns, it's still the easiest place to gather this material, because all you need to do is run in a circle, around the base of the mountains.

If you want a good map program, which can show you all the spawns, then the easiest imo, is Carbonite addon.  It does take a bit to get it setup, but I have a map, right above my chat area, which shows all the spawns, as I run around and gather/kill.  You can get carbonite over at the wow-interface site.

Tip: Avoid time sinks, like caves and side trips into the mountains.  These will just waste time for you.

In 30 minutes on 5 separate runs, I was able to average 13 stacks of Thorium Ore, get 10 various gems and crystals, get 12 stacks of dense stone, 1 stack of mithril, and 1/4 stack of truesilver.  You can figure the math for your server, but this is definitely a spot to hit 1-2 times a week for an hour or so.  Also for just extra infos, you should be able to do 4 circles in 1 hour.

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