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As followers of this site might already know, I have been working on leveling my Blacksmithing on my shadow priest.  I know, I know - wft is a shadow priest doing leveling blacksmithing... I usually choose a class which doesn't need the profession - keeps me centered on the profession or the class - and on nothing else.  Back to the subject on hand - Blacksmithing guide! There are at least 5 other sites and an addon, which are well known, for their guides on leveling professions. So why am I adding this guide here? Because it's a damned good guide and has helped me where the others have lacked.

Before I go any further... Please allow me to suggest purchasing gold if you don't have the time to farm the items.  Likely you will need a good source for gold, especially if you plan to level BS.  It still takes 15-25 thousand gold to level this to 450, if you have to purchase mats off the AH.  I highly suggest UberWoW for your gold purchasing needs.

Now onto the guide...

In World of Warcraft, the Blacksmithing profession enables players to forge various weapons, armor, and other items using metals, minerals, and other materials.

Given that Blacksmithing uses a lot of minerals and metals, it’s recommended that aspiring Blacksmiths take up Mining as a secondary profession. This makes it easier to obtain metals and minerals on your own as opposed to having to purchase them for WoW Gold from other players.


As with all professions, Blacksmithing has six proficiency levels, which are listed in the table below. As you increase your character’s level and your Blacksmithing skill level, you can increase your Blacksmithing Proficiency by visiting a Blacksmithing Trainer. While any Blacksmithing Trainer in Azeroth can teach you Apprentice to Artisan Blacksmithing, you can only learn Master Blacksmithing in Outland or Northrend, and Grand Master Blacksmithing in Northrend.

Training costs WoW Gold, and the prices differ depending on whether you chose Blacksmithing as your Primary or Secondary profession.


Required Character Level

Minimum Required Skill Points

Maximum Allowed Skill Points

Training Cost

( Primary Profession)

Training Cost

(Secondary Profession)





10 Copper

1 Silver





10 Silver

5 Silver





50 Silver

1 WoW Gold



Primary: 200
Secondary: 225


5 WoW Gold

2 WoW Gold

50 Silver



Primary: 275

Secondary: 300


10 WoW Gold

10 WoW Gold

Grand Master




35 WoW Gold

35 WoW Gold

Leveling Blacksmithing

The first thing you need to do is to visit a BlacksmithingTrainer in one of Azeroth’s main cities to learn Apprentice Blacksmithing. This section contains a table that shows you which items to create to level up your Proficiency in the fastest, most efficient manner.

Most of the plans for the items listed below can be learned from Blacksmithing Trainers, but a few have to be obtained elsewhere. Additionally, most of the plans listed will require you stand near a blacksmith anvil (usually located close to Blacksmithing NPCs in towns and camps), and use a blacksmith hammer, which can be purchased at a Blacksmithing Supplies vendor.

If you haven’t opted to take up Mining as a secondary profession or if you’re just not feeling up to looking for metals and minerals, you may want to buy WoW Gold so that you can purchase them from other players.



Items to Craft



33 Rough Sharpening Stones

33 Rough Stone


50 Rough Grinding Stones

100 Rough Stone


10 Copper Chain Belt

60 Copper Bar



Items to Craft



12 Coarse Grinding Stones

24 Coarse Stones


13 Runed Copper Belt

130 Copper Bar


5 Silver Rod

5 Silver Bar

10 Rough Grinding Stone


20 Rough Bronze Leggings

120 Bronze Bar



Items to Craft



50 Heavy Grinding Stone

150 Heavy Stone


5 Golden Rod

5 Gold Bar

10 Coarse Grinding Stone


10 Green Iron Leggings

80 Iron Bar

10 Heavy Grinding Stone

10 Green Dye


25 Green Iron Bracers

150 Iron Bar

25 Green Dye


10 Golden Scale Bracers

50 Steel Bar

20 Heavy Grinding Stone

Once you reach skill level 200, you can start quests to learn one of three Blacksmithing Specializations. See this guide’s Blacksmithing Specializations section for details.



Items to Craft



5 Truesilver Rod

5 Truesilver Rod

5 Heavy Grinding Stone


15 Solid Grinding Stone

60 Solid Stone


15 Heavy Mithril Gauntlet

90 Mithril Bar

60 Mageweave Cloth


10 Mithril Scale Bracers

80 Mithril Bar

The plans for this item can be purchased from Gharash at Swamp of Sorrows (Horde) or Harggan at The Hinterlands (Alliance). The plan respawns every 30 minutes.


15 Mithril Coif

150 Mithril Bar

90 Mageweave Cloth

You may also opt to purchase the Mithril Spurs plan in the Auction House if it’s not that expensive and create those (using 4 Mithril Bar and 3 Solid Grinding Stone each) until your proficiency reaches level 255.


20 Dense Sharpening Stones

20 Dense Stone


15 Thorium Bracers

120 Thorium Bar



Items to Craft



15 Imperial Plate Bracers

180 Thorium Bar

The plans can be earned through a quest given by Derotain Mudsipper at Gadgetzan.


10 Thorium Boots

120 Thorium Bar

80 Rugged Leather

For levels 290-300, you may choose to create 10 Thorium Helm (using a total of 120 Thorium Bar and 10 Star Ruby) instead of Thorium Boots.


10 Fel Weightstone

10 Fel Iron Bar

10 Netherweave Cloth


10 Fel Iron Plate Belt

40 Fel Iron Bar


5 Fel Iron Chain Gloves

25 Fel Iron Bar


5 Fel Iron Plate Boots

30 Fel Iron Bar


10 Lesser Rune of Warding

10 Adamantite Bar


5 Fel Iron Breastplate

50 Fel Iron Bar


5 Adamantite Cleaver

40 Adamantite Bar

The plans for this item can be bought from Arras at The Exodar (Alliance), Eriden at Silvermoon City (Horde), or Aaron Hollman at Shattrath City.


20 Lesser Ward of Shielding

20 Adamantite Bar

The plans for this item can be bought from Mari  Stonehand at Shadowmoon Valley (Alliance) or Rohok at Hellfire Peninsula (Horde).

Grand Master


Items to Craft



10 Cobalt Boots

40 Cobalt Bar


10 Cobalt Triangle Shield

40 Cobalt Bar


5 Cobalt Helm

25 Cobalt Bar


5 Cobalt Gauntlets

25 Cobalt Bar


5 Spiked Cobalt Boots

35 Cobalt Bar


5 Sure-fire Shuriken

35 Cobalt Bar


5 Notched Cobalt War Axe

50 Cobalt Bar


5 Brilliant Saronite Belt

30 Cobalt Bar

25 Saronite Bar


5 Horned Cobalt Helm

40 Cobalt Bar


10 Deadly Saronite Dirk

70 Saronite Bar

20 Crystallized Air


13 Eternal Belt Buckle

52 Saronite Bar

13 Eternal Earth

13 Eternal Shadow

13 Eternal Water


7 Titanium Weapon Chain

14 Saronite Bar

7 Titanium Bar


5 Savage Saronite Hauberk

70 Saronite Bar

5 Elemental Earth


15 Daunting Legplates

210 Saronite Bar

15 Eternal Earth


Continue creating Daunting Legplates, or craft other epic items for players.

Blacksmithing Specialization

Blacksmiths may choose to take up a Specialization upon reaching character level 40 and Blacksmithing skill level 200. Taking a Specialization in Blacksmithing will grant you access to higher level plans for armor or weapons that are normally not accessible to non-specialized Blacksmiths.

There are two available specializations to choose from: Armorsmithing and Weaponsmithing. To choose your first specialization, you will have to complete a number of quests, starting with acquiring the plans needed to become a specialized blacksmith. Some of the plans are acquired as quest rewards or through buying them from NPCs. Some of the plans NPCs sell are only sold in limited supply and can be hard to come across because of their respawn times, so you might want to buy WoW Gold to purchase them from the Auction House instead.


  • The first thing you need to do is acquire the plans you need to become an Armorsmith through the Mithril Order quest chain. You will need to visit one of the blacksmith trainers listed below to start.
    • Hank the Hammer in Stormwind (Alliance) – Accept the “The Origins of Smithing” quest, which will require you to turn in 6 Golden Scale Bracers. Once you’ve done that, he’ll reward you with the plans for Golden Scale Gauntlets. Accept the new quest he gives you (In Search of Galvan) and go to Booty Bay.
    • Aturk the Anvil (Orgrimmar) – Accept the “The Old Ways” quest, which will require you to create 4 Steel Breastplates and 4 Steel Plate Helms. Find Ox (also in Orgrimmar) and turn in the items. When you’ve done that, accept the new quest from Ox (“Booty Bay or Bust!”) and go to Booty Bay.
  • Learn Artisan Blacksmithing from Brikk Keencraft at Booty Bay and get your Blacksmithing up to skill level 235. Once you’ve done that, get the patterns for Mithril Coif, Heavy Mithril Breastplate, and Heavy Mithril Boots; you’ll need those later on.
  • Talk to McGavan and get the “The Mithril Order” quest. This will require you to pay a visit to Galvan the Ancient at Stranglethorn Vale (near coords. 50,20).
  • Complete the following quests that Galvan will give you:
    • Smelt On, Smelt Off – requires you to give him 40 Mithril Bars and 40 Iron Bars; you will acquire the Ornate Mithril Pants plan as a reward.
    • The Art of the Imbue - requires you to give him 40 Mithril Bars and 4 Citrine; you will acquire the Ornate Mithril Shoulder plan as a reward.
    • The Great Silver Deceiver - requires you to give him 40 Mithril Bars and 5 Truesilver Bars; you will acquire the Ornate Mithril Gloves plan as a reward.
  • After you’ve completed the above quests, accept the “Expert Blacksmith” quest from Galvan. Galvan will give you a Signet of Expertise, which you can use to acquire a Hammer of Expertise.
  • Take the quest “Galvan’s Finest Pupil” from Galvan and head to Gadgetzan.
  • Look for Trenton Lighthammer at Gadgetzan and complete the following quests:

The World at Your Feet

Required Items


Rewarded Plan

2 Heavy Mithril Boots

1 Ornate Mithril Pants

50 Mithril Bar

8 Thick Leather

1 Truesilver Bar

1 Solid Grinding Stone

Ornate Mithril Boots

A Good Head on Your Shoulders

Required Items


Rewarded Plan

2 Mithril Coif

1 Ornate Mithril Shoulder

32 Mithril Bars

12 Mageweave Cloth

1 Truesilver Bar

6 Thick Leather

Ornate Mithril Helm

The Mithril Kid

Required Items


Rewarded Plan

2 Heavy Mithril Breastplate

1 Ornate Mithril Gloves

42 Mithril Bars

6 Mageweave Cloth

1 Truesilver Bar

1 Solid Grinding Stone

Ornate Mithril Breastplate

  • After completing the above quests, accept the “Did You Lose This?” quest from Trenton, and you will receive a Glimmering Mithril Insignia.
  • Now you have all the plans that you need to actually complete the Armorsmithing specialization quest. Go to Ironforge and speak to Bengus Deepforge (Alliance) or to Orgrimmar to speak with Krathok Molterfist (Horde), and choose to specialize in Armorsmithing.
  • Talk to Grumnus Steelshaper (Alliance) or Okothos Ironrager (Horde) and accept the “The Art of Armorsmithing” quest. The quest will require you to craft 4 Ornate Mithril Helms, 2 Ornate Mithril Boots, and 1 Ornate Mithril Breastplate. To craft these you’ll need the following materials:
    • 108 Mitrhil Bars
    • 18 Truesilver Bars
    • 7 Solid Grinding Stone
    • 8 Thick Leather
    • 2 Aquamarine
    • 1 Heart of Fire
  • You’ll finally become an Armorsmith after turning the quest in.


  • As with Armorsmithing, the first thing you should do is acquire the plans required for the Weaponsmithing quest. Follow the steps listed below to do this.
  • Learn Artisan Blacksmithing from Brikk Keencraft at Booty Bay and get your Blacksmithing up to at least skill level 230. Once you’ve gotten up to 230, talk to Brikk again to learn how to craft Big Black Mace and buy the plans for Heavy Mithril Axe.
  • Buy the plans for Moonsteel Broadsword from Zarena Cromwind in Booty Bay.
  • Go to Stranglethorn Vale and purchase the plans for Massive Iron Axe from either Jaquilina Dramet at Nesingwary’s Camp (Neutral) or Vharr at Grom’gol Base Camp (Horde).
  • Go to Ironforge and speak to Bengus Deepforge (Alliance) or to Orgrimmar to speak with Krathok Molterfist (Horde), and choose to specialize in Weaponsmithing.
  • Go to Ironus Coldsteel at Ironforge (Alliance) or Borgosh Corebender in Orgrimmar (Horde) to get the “The Way of the Weaponsmith” quest. The quest will require you to craft 4 Moonsteel Broadsword, 2 Heavy Mithril Axe, 2 Big Black Mace, and 4 Massive Iron Axe. To craft these, you’ll need the following:
    • 56 Iron Bar
    • 32 Steel Bar
    • 56 Mithril Bar
    • 16 Strong Flux
    • 16 Heavy Grinding Stone
    • 4 Solid Grinding Stone
    • 16 Gold Bar
    • 28 Heavy Leather
    • 4 Thick Leather
    • 12 Lesser Moonstone
    • 4 Citrine
    • 2 Black Pearl
    • 8 Shadowgem
  • You’ll become a Weaponsmith once you turn the quest in.

Further Weaponsmithing Specialization

At skill level 250 and character level 50, weaponsmiths may also choose to specialize further in Axesmithing (trained by Kilram), Hammersmithing (Lilith the Lithe), or Swordsmithing (Seril Scourgebane). All the trainers for these sub-specializations can be found in Everlook, Winterspring, and chooseing a sub-specialization does not require you to pay a fee or do a quest.

Switching Specializations

If you want to change your specialization, you’ll have to unlearn your current specialization for a certain cost depending on your specialization and your character’s level.



Cost to Unlearn


Grumnus Steelshaper (Alliance)

Okothos Ironrager (Horde)

Level 40-50: 25 WoW Gold

Level 51-65: 50 WoW Gold

Level 66-70: 100 WoW Gold


Ironus Coldsteel (Alliance)

Borgosh Corebender (Horde)

Level 40-65: 5 WoW Gold

Level 66-70: 10 WoW Gold



Level 40-50: 25 WoW Gold

Level 51-65: 50 WoW Gold

Level 66-70: 100 WoW Gold


Lilith the Lithe


Seril Scourgebane

Now that you know the most efficient way to level up your Blacksmithing skill, you’ll get up to 450 in no time. The entire process might seem tedious, but it’ll be worth it when you start crafting high level equipment!

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