WoW: Crafting Leveling Guides

If you are into crafting, and you want to hit 450, as quick and as cheap as possible, then there are 3 resources I recommend.  2 of them are websites, and the 3rd is an addon, that works well, in game.

WoW-Professions and WoWGuideOnline are pretty much the same thing, with little difference, except for the layout of the actual guides.  I have used Penn's Ultimate Profession Guide as well, but it's pretty much a regurgitation of the free guides - or maybe they are regurgitation's of his guide, I am not 100% sure either way.

The other way I recommend, is with an addon, and it's pretty much just a guide on what to craft, and how many items you will need, but there are no wowhead links, so if you want further information, you will need to look it up in your browser. WoW Professional, is really my choice to use, since it's all in game.

A couple other addons I have found to be very helpful, especially when trying to get all the recipes are Ackis Recipe List, and Recipe Radar.  Ackis Recipe List, is great when you are doing research and trying to figure out whether or not you have any more recipes you need to learn, or where to go to get all the recipes.  Recipe Radar works similar in that it will tell you when a recipe is nearby, that can be bought, from whatever zone you are hunting in.  If you use it in conjunction with an auction program, you can see how much money you could make, if u resell the recipe.

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