WoW: Dugi’s Complete 1-85 Leveling Guide, special price

If you haven't already bought a 1-85 leveling guide, then keep in mind that Dugi's 1-85 Leveling Guide is on sale now, through Nov 30th. You can buy the complete 1-85 leveling guide, including the all new reworked 1-60 guide, for only $30 for one faction of $50 for both. After November 30th, it goes up to $47 for one faction or $67 for both factions.

  • Brand New Level 1-60 Zones
  • Includes Worgen and Goblin starting zones
  • Optimized leveling paths for each race
  • 5 huge new guides for the level 80-85 zones
  • "ant trail" navigation so you'll never get lost again!

wow warcraft alliance horde leveling guide 85

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