WoW: How to get to GM Island

About 2 years ago, I used a model edit, to follow a path to GM Island.  When I got there, I made a video, and posted it on YouTube.  People keep assuming that the private server version, is the same as the official version.  Instead of hiding how to get there with a model edit, I am going to share the information on how to get there for all to see, and try - with no game hacks.

All in all, this is going to take about 2 hours of your time.  You will want to use a Night Elf Priest - though any priest can do it - as long as it's level 1.  You cannot use any other class nor level.  The priest is the only one to do it, because of the lesser heal ability, at level 1, it will heal you completely, and allow mana regeneration, enough to allow you to cast again when needed.

When you swim out of bounds, you will get Fatigue.  When your fatigue gets all the way to 0, it will cause you to lose health.  The priest will be able to heal back up.  Bring mana potions, just in case you don't have enough mana to heal all the way.  If you keep moving in the right direction, you will be fine.

Coords are as follows...  1, 16238.291, 16219.044, 9.600
They are listed as Map ID, X, Y, Z.  You won't need the Map ID and Z, since that is altitude and Map ID, won't matter if you are starting in NE land.

If you die, you will have to rez at a Spirit Healer.  You will not be able to get back to your corpse.  Fatigue will affect you when you are dead, and you will not be able to heal yourself to get back.

I highly recommend using an addon which allows you to set a waypoint, like Carbonite.  This way, you can have the arrow pointing the proper way for you, and not have to worry if you are going the right way, or looking at a map - which shows nothing.

When you get there - you will see there is no vendor.  There is not even anyone there. There is a building and there is bottle on the beach, which asks you a question.  If you were expecting much more, then what is in the video, sorry to disappoint you, it's the official servers after all.

There is a model edit you can use, to get there faster, but you will need a working model edit by pass program.  I think WoWEmuHacker will work for that.  However, usage of either WoWEmuHacker or the Model Edit can cause a ban on live servers, so it's use at your own risk.

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