WoW: Risk-free investments

If you're not comfortable with massive AH trading, there are a few ways to make gold out of the AH without any risk. The best examples are Borean Leather and Cobalt Ore.

Borean Leather is kinda hard to sell on most servers and can go as low as 30S or 25S on some of them .... That's pretty awesome when you realize that a Nerubian Chestguard takes 12 Borean Leather and sells for 5G 29S to the NPCs .... Yes, that's 44S for each unit of leather. If you buy 25 stacks of Borean Leather for 5G each, you will get 95G just to buy them, go AFK while you craft 41 Nerubian Chestguard, come back to sell them at the closest NPC.

You can do the exact same thing with Cobalt Ore and Cobalt Bar, a Cobalt Triangle Shield takes 4 bars and sells for 5G54S, that's 1G38S for each bar. In some occasions Cobalt will sell for 1G/unit at the AH and buying 15 stacks at this price will get you 114G just to craft a few shields.

by Boubouille

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