WoW: Sarsonite Farming Tips & Route Map

Here's a route and some tricks to getting the Sarsonite from farming, even though there may be competition in the area.  I have been leveling my blacksmithing, and found I needed some 882 Sarsonite ore's.  Now being the frugal kinda guy that I am I decided to farm the mats, instead of buying them off the AH.  On Dentarg US, a stack of these ores, go for 250 gold, that's about 11k gold for me - and you know once I start buying off the AH, the prices are going to skyrocket - No THANKS!  Sure, I could buy gold from one of my WoW Gold sites, but instead I decided to farm the mats myself.

So where to go? I first started by looking at WoWHead, to see where the best spot would be.  And for that, I started in Wintersgrasp.  In WG, I could pick up Sarsonite and Titanium, so was a decent place to start I thought.  Unfortunately, since it was near battle time, I kept running into peeps on the other faction who wanted to kick my proverbial arse.  So I went west to Sholazar Basin.

Sholazar Basin, also has peeps who farm the mats, so I came up with a few tricks to farming the mats more efficiently.  First and foremost, was to make a map.  Now since I use Carbonite, I was able to see a map on screen, while I was hunting, which had all the mine locations in it.  I went ahead and made it larger, and then drew my route on it for you.  As you will see it's similar to my Thorium route, in that we simply go around the mountain edge for the most part to farm the mats.

Sarsonite farming mapClick to enlarge

There are a couple points, where I diverge from the circular pattern. This is so that we can avoid the sparse areas, and hit more concentrated areas of Sarsonite.  Also, someone might tell you that you need to have a fast flying mount to farm ore.  This is actually a misnomer.  The truth is, is someone with a fast mount makes the trip around, they will do it faster, but when spawn points regen, they will be past them. The person with the slow mount, will come across the same amount of spawn points in their slow rate, and get the same amount of ore per hour.

A few tricks to getting your ore, when others are on the same path...

  1. Do this late at night, when there are less people on.  This will enable you to have less competition.
  2. As you fly over the map, don't go too high.  You want to stay out of reach of arrows/spells/DKs, but not too far away that you take 1-2 minutes to get down to a spawn point.
  3. Make sure to have WG Timer on, so that you can let everyone in the zone know about an upcoming match.  This will possibly rid yourself of a little competition while the match is going.
  4. If someone else (same faction) is near you, vying for the same node, drop out of flight and drop quickly to the ground. If you take 5-10k damage, that's ok, as you will get the node sooner.

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