WoW: Warcraft Forumula ebook guide + Sample (for VIP Members)

Every now and then a new product comes around that blows quite literally everything else out of the water, rewriting the rules for what we should expect from out World of Warcraft guides. There were the original leveling guides. There were gold guides. There were PvP guides. And now there is Warcraft Formula. This new monthly guide series is already showing that it goes above and beyond anything you could possibly expect from the one and done guides on the market today.

Monthly Updates on Making Gold in WoWThe first thing you’ll notice when you visit Warcraft Formula is that you’re not spending through the nose for a single guide that isn’t updated all that often (if at all) - like Warcraft Millionaire or Luke's Gold Guide. You get a slew of guides and each month, you get a new guide that comes complete with new content that has been updated from the most recent patches, new strategies, and new content in the game. This is the only way to get your information and trust me, the guides’ creators know what they’re writing about.

To top things off, you get access to all past guides along with an Action Plan that quite frankly I’m shocked no one wrote before this. It’s jam packed with information about everything you could possibly need to know about starting, maintaining and maximizing your account to be the best possible WoW account around without spending all that extra time reading through useless other guides.

And then each month you get a new eBook written by the two guys behind the biggest gold making and PvP guides to hit the Internet in the last few years…for any game.

They have been playing and writing about this game for longer than most of us have even known it existed and their guides are cram packed with information. From monthly PvP updates to news about recent happenings in the game to questions from readers answered every month, we’re talking about the most effective, full-featured new WoW guide service I’ve seen in months if not years and probably the biggest thing you’ll ever invest in. Don’t waste any more time reading those other, out of date guides. Stop by Warcraft Formula today and take advantage of the next wave in WoW guides.

VIP Members, can get a sample of their guides, for October and November 2010, by clicking the link below.

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