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There has been a lot of talk going around stating that Inscription is one of the best gold making professions you can pick up. Greedy Goblin uses it as his main source of income.

Since the purpose of this site is to research and analyze the best gold making methods, I’ve taken it upon myself to get fully involved in the glyph industry on my server and report back my findings and confirm if Inscription is one of the best ways to make gold in World of Warcraft.

At the time of this writing I have finished leveling up inscription and have been actively building up my glyph business. It is turning out to be one of the best methods of making gold I’ve used, other than using the methods in Dugi’s Guide.

A warning before you decide to level up inscription for the purpose of making gold

Inscription has become an extremely competitive market on a lot of servers, profits are gained in a volume model (posting hundreds of glyphs on the auction house for 2-5g profit) and if there are higher than a couple very devoted glyph crafters that camp out the auction house on your server it may not be as lucrative as other methods of making gold.

Glyphs created at the early levels do not yield as much profit as the higher ones due to the fact that players who are only leveling inscription to get the Shoulder Enchant will be posting glyphs they craft while leveling inscription on the AH and will bring down the price below material costs. The relief here is that there are a lot of glyphs which only become available with Northrend Research and purchasing Book of Glyph Mastery and since these require 385+ skill to use, not many players who are just going after the enchant will bother learning these glyphs.

Unless you are prepared to utilize addons to mass post/cancel glyphs and spend at least an hour putting up new glyphs, inscription may not be that profitable for you.

Still here? Then join me on in our journey to profit from Inscription, this guide will cover cost effective ways to level inscription as we prepare to build up to a full fledged glyph business.

The first step in the process is to level up inscription but there are a few things you’ll need first

Expect to be paying about 1,000 gold to level inscription if you are buying all your mats from the auction house.


Lil’Sparky’s Workshop


Uses data from the auction house to calculate the profitability of each item you can craft by subtracting the sum of the material costs from the price of the current lowest priced auction of that particular item.

Quick Auctions 2


The most useful and needed auction to be competitive in the glyph business, if you do not have it and are facing someone else who does utilize it, you’ll be way behind and spend much more time than your competitor. You can use this addon to cancel all your current auctions that are undercut (only the ones you list in the group) and then mass post them at set prices, set undercut values (undercut by 1 copper, have maximum prices or minimum prices where it won’t be posted)

Another great feature of this addon is to show you a snapshot of all the lowest priced Herbs and Glyphs currently for sale (after a 1 minute scan) that provides not only the most profitable glyphs that you can craft, but also the cheapest materials available to purchase.


Useful for sell Inks while leveling and Lil Sparky’s takes data from the scanned auctioneer data so this is required.

Step by Step Leveling Guide

No point in me going into detail what to craft when has done this already and it is the exact guide I followed but I’ll give you pointers on how to keep the costs low and also get a profit along the way.

Buy the Cheapest Herbs/Inks

As you level you’ll need to mill the herbs you buy off of the auction house to get pigments to make into inks and then into glyphs. You’ll want to buy the herbs which give you the most pigments for the lowest cost.

This is how I figured it out using quick auction 2


With each “Tier” of pigment Alabaster-Dusky-Golden- etc.. there are a couple of herbs that you can buy which mill into these pigments, however higher item level ones produce on average 3 pigments per 5 stack, while lower level herbs in the bracket give 2.5 per 5 stack of herbs.

So to figure out the lowest cost, a quick calculation can be used, Highlighted above are all the herbs that mill Dusky Pigments and we’ll use it as an example to find out the cheapest herb per Dusky pigment price:

[Herb Cost x 5] /  [How many pigments per Mill] = Price Per Pigment

Stranglekelp -  [0.75 x 5] / 3 = 1.25g per Dusky Pigment
Bruiseweed - [0.6 x 5] / 3 = 1g per Dusky Pigment
Briarthorn - [1 x 5] / 2.5 =  2g per Dusky Pigment
Swiftthistle - [0.4285 x 5] / 2.5 =  85s 70c per Dusky Pigment
Mageroyal - [0.55 x 5] / 2.5 = 1g 10s per Dusky Pigment

Swiftthistle is the cheapest herb to buy, at a price of 85s 70c per Dusky Pigment, You’d buy all these up, then buy up all the Bruiseweed, and so forth until you had enough Pigments to get high enough level to get to Golden Pigments and repeat the process.

Also be sure to check on the prices of Pigments and Inks, sometimes players will post them on the AH. If 1 pigment costs you 1g (as discovered from your calculations from herbs), and it costs 2 pigments to create 1 ink, that means buy any pigments lower than 1g, and if any inks are on the AH below 2g you should consider buying them, keep in mind you’ll be missing out on the Rare herbs from milling that are used in your leveling process if you buy the inks outright so calculate that into your decision.

Note - You also receive more of the Secondary Rare herbs from the higher item level herbs when milling (50% as opposed to 25%), at lower levels this shouldn’t be too much of a concern as they aren’t that valuable, but when you reach the last level of herbs/pigments this factor comes into play a lot more as these are used to create Snowfall Ink’s that sell very well on the Auction House.

Crafting and Selling

The guide basically tells you to craft glyphs which are orange to you that only use 1 ink. However there will be times when there will be two glyphs that are orange to you and it tells you to craft one of them, if the other uses the same amount of materials then pick the glyph which has the highest profit potential (pick the one with the highest profit from Lil Sparky)

Don’t Get Distracted

While I was leveling inscription I was so fascinated with the market and seeing how much profit I could make that I was starting to list glyphs and was tempted to restock and play the auction house with lower level glyphs that wouldn’t offer any more skill ups. While this is ok to do with left over pigments that you can’t use in orange glyphs anymore, don’t waste pigments you could use on skill ups as you’ll be increasing your leveling costs.

It is your choice, but you are only delaying yourself from getting capped and opening up access to the more profitable glyphs and starting your business on a large scale posting hundreds of glyphs instead of dozens.

Follow these steps to get to max level as soon as possible, ensure you use the Minor Inscription Research and Northrend Inscription Research when they become available and off cooldown, and buy up any cheap Book of Glyph Mastery you happen to come across as you are leveling up to be used later.

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