Zerg Mutalisk Rush

Mutalisks's are some of my favorite units, so I play this strategy a quite a bit. I eventually got good enough to school just about anyone with this one. This is one of the standard builds for Zerg on air and hybrid maps. It leaves enough gas for a muta pump, while getting the drop/speed upgrades one at a time.

Diamond Gamer, in-game strategy guide

Build Order:

  • 9/9 - Overlord (Scout with this overlord as well if the other one did not find him as of yet, retreat or hide either overlord when you find him so they cannot be found and killed as easily)
  • 9/9 - Extractor
  • 12/17 - Spawning Pool
  • 14/17 - Lair
  • 15/17 - Hatchery
  • 16/17 - Overlord1
  • 18/25 - Spire
  • 18/26 - Drop Upgrade
  • 21/26 - Overlord

1For Zvp an evo chamber and a creep colony will be needed here to defend against corsairs (spore), this can be done at a later time in the other two matchups.

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When you reach this part of the build, start saving larva so you can make six mutas (may add in some scourges if Zvz) when the spire finishes. The third overlord came early so you can have enough supply to fit in all of the mutas. When the first upgrade is finished, on hybrids you can slow drop a drone to expand (if the expo is close on pure air you can do it here as well). Against protoss it is wise to get two pairs of scourge so you can pop their stronger corsairs. Use a mix of muta and scourge to control double stargate corsairs until you have ovy speed as well.

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