GuildWars 2: Beta Signups Announced

To me, Guild Wars 2 is looking like a made for Console MMO. Yes, they have the level limit up around 60, which will mean more content overall. Yes, there is no monthly fee. However when you actually look at the game play, generally speaking it looks like a console game. There are only a few abilities, which means you won't be able to fully customize your character with your own build or spell rotations. They have stated there is no tank, no healer, no dps - this implies there is one class for each situation, and admittedly you can switch it up a bit... but the grafix and the way it plays really does remind me of console gaming.

I have already Pre-Ordered Guild Wars 2 , so that I will be able to provide GW2 leveling services, but am not sure if I will play it beyond a cursory play to level 20, to understand the game.

Maybe you will like GuildWars 2? You can sign up for the GW2 beta here.


Here are a couple videos, showing the gameplay. The first is for a Thief, the second a Comando. Based on the videos, I will probably play the Comando. What about you?


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