GW2 Fly & Speed Hack

GW2 Fly & Speed HackThis GW2 Fly & Speed Hack is fairly simple in that it will simply allow you to use it to either fly around in GuildWars 2 or run super fast within the game. It also has some other useful functions, for those who like to play around within the game.

GW2 Fly & Speed Hack

The GW2 Fly & Speed Hack also allows adds an autoclicker to the mix. The following hotkeys will work with the GW2 Fly & Speed Hack;

LShift = For fly hacking ( jump then hit/hold/tap/toggle LShift to go up/down ).
LAlt = Sprint for speed hacking.
F9 = Auto Clicker on/off.

Anything else... explore the program 😉

Known Bugs and Solutions for the GW2 Fly & Speed Hack:

  • Not loading or saying connected but not working?
  • Try downloading the redistributable package 64 or 32 bit and also make sure your .NET is updated.
  • Do note this program is packed & obfuscated, some antivirus may need exceptions for it to work properly.
  • Please also make sure to run this program as Admin & that if your running Windows 8 I cannot offer support but am aware that it does work for some Windows 8 users without a problem.
  • The GW2 Fly & Speed Hack does not work with ICM.
  • Make sure that your executable is named gw2.exe ( it looks for that process to hook to ), if that does not work try Gw2.exe ( not sure why this happens and it does wildcard the G , looking into why it does that).

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