GW2: Thief Solo Leveling Build

Thief Builds are fairly common these days. There are specialty builds for just about every profession, and every type of play you can imagine.There are plenty of PvE and PvP builds, but those focus on when you hit the level cap. One thing which I don't see however is a simple leveling build. Don't get me wrong, PvE and PvP builds are very handy... when you hit level 80. But until you do so, you will want a build which will help you to solo level, and thats what this build is all about.

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This thief build focuses on what a thief does best, sneaking up on single enemies in stealth and then taking them out quickly with powerful burst moves like backstab. The build relies on high crit rates to deliver additional damage and take out enemies extremely quickly. It is an effective means of leveling but you will have a difficult time if you encounter a group of enemies and you may have to stealth several different times during a fight in order to stay alive.


This build works best with Dual Daggers as your main weapon set and dual pistols as your secondary. The daggers are great for high damage crits and the pistols work well when your life is low or enemies are fleeing.

thief traits

Trait Progression Order

  1. 15 Critical Strikes

  2. 10 Shadow Arts

  3. 5 Trickery

  4. 5 Critical Strikes

  5. 10 Shadow Arts

  6. 5 Critical Strikes

  7. 10 Shadow Arts

  8. 10 Trickery

Critical Strikes

You need to put points in this tree all the way up to 25 to boost your initial damage with First Strikes. Hidden Killer is the most important ability for this entire build because it dramatically increases your crit chance from stealth. You should also invest in Executioner to make finishing your enemies after the initial boost much quicker. This tree is important for the build also because of the additional crit chance and it provides with precision and crit damage with prowess.

Shadow Arts

Shadow arts is all about maintaining your stealth, survival and improving your power while you are stealthing. Infusion of Shadow and Patience will help you maintain the initiative that you need to get off all those high powered moves. The Grandmaster ability Hidden Thief is going to allow you to jump back into stealth using Steal and this is important if you are facing additional enemies because it allows you to get those crits off during the middle of a fight.


A small investment in Trickery will boost your conditional damage while giving you a useful way out of fights with Caltrops thanks to Uncatchable. By boosting the tree up to 15 you will gain additional initiative that you need to completely finish off your foes.

thief extra

Healing - Hide in Shadows

This ability is perfect for when you need to make an escape or get some debuffs off your character. Simply use it to slip into stealth and you will shed burning, poison and bleeding damage.

gw2dom-sideUtility 1 – Signet of Agility

The enhanced crit rate of this ability is why you have it, but feel free to use it if you are in need of some endurance as well.

Utility 2 – Shadow Trap

Set a trap and vanish and appear after it has been triggered to continue dealing damage.

Utility 3 – Shadow Refuge

This skill is good for protecting yourself and getting a little life back when you are dropping down low.

Elite - Basilisk Venom

Use Basilisk Venom to incapacitate additional enemies when you are getting overwhelmed.

For a COMPLETE leveling guide to go with this Guild Wars 2 Thief Leveling build head on over to GW2 Domination.

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