GW2: Warrior Leveling Build

It's been a while since we've put up any kind of a build for GuildWars 2. Today, we present you with a simple leveling build. Now it's true that you can simply level with crafting, and forget all the content. But what fun is the game, if you don't level at least one character up without the use of crafting to do it, to experience the game as it was meant to be played.

This warrior leveling build is extremely useful for solo fights. It improves as the fight continues and your might stacks up. Its a crit build, which boosts your damage each time  you make a crit hit by adding a bleed DoT to the mob. You also get a huge crit boost due to the Deep Strike ability, in the Arms tree as wells as your five different signets.

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The Weapons

The Axe and great sword complement each other very well because they are both excellent at dealing high amounts of damage to single targets or groups and they allow you to deal devastating damage by stacking Might and unleashing it.

You start off with the 2h sword to build up Might with Forceful Greatsword in the Arms tree, and then you switch over to your double axes to unleash as much damage as you can while Might is still active and you repeat again.

warrior traits

Trait Progression

  1. 10 in Strength

  2. 10 in Arms

  3. 10 in Discipline

  4. 10 in Defense

  5. 10 Arms

  6. 10 Strength

  7. 10 Discipline


Your focus should be completely on Strength in the beginning of the game because it will jump start your damage.


After you get Strength up to 10 and you get access to the increased vitality from Great Fortitude you need to start focusing on Arms to compliment the damage with critical hits. Get it up to ten points as soon as you can to get the +40 precision from unused signets because that is going to do wonders for your crit rate with all the signet passives.


As you get up to the higher levels you will notice that you are consistently taking more damage and it will be difficult to continue progressing. By adding 10 points into Defense you should be able to reduce that damage and make it bearable to keep going without worrying about dying all the time.


Discipline is useful for increasing the amount of burst damage you can do thanks to the buff to burst damage and the adrenaline increase on weapon swap, but the boost in run speed from Warrior’s Sprint is going to do the most for you while you are leveling. Later on Signet Mastery will allow you to use all five of your signets more often.

warrior extra

It is vital that each of your additional abilities is a signet to maximize this build. That way you will have an increase in 200 Precision when you are not using the Signets for a dramatic boost in crits which is why this build is so effective.

Healing - Healing Signet

Obviously you should use this signet whenever you need a boost of life. Otherwise keep it on cooldown for a boost in regeneration.

gw2dom-sideUtility 1 - Signet of Might

This ability is useful for its overall damage increase and can be used effectively for a good finishing boost when active.

Utility 2 - Dolyak Signet

Most of the time the passive reduction in ranged damage is going to be the most useful, but if you face an enemy that will usual use crowd control on you it is useful to use this signets active boost in stability.

Utility 3 - Signet of Fury

The boost of adrenaline you get from this signet makes it very useful for launching last minute burst attacks.

Elite - Signet of Rage

The Signet of Rage is best used if you are trying to finish off a difficult enemy. It will give you a boost in damage that should help give you an edge in combat.

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