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Combo Helper BotCombo Helper Bot for Hearthstone is a bot which will help you to play your cards more efficiently, by keeping track of which combos are possible, and which are not, or how many turns it will take before you can use your favorite combos. This allows you to increase the maximum possible damage on your enemies. You will while playing, be able to see how many turns it will take till you can play your combinations.

Combo Helper Bot will not inject nor hook into the Hearthstone Client, so it's unlikely that you will be banned/suspended, as it will not actually do anything for you.

Combo Helper Bot Features

  • Add your own combos, per deck
  • View statistics as an overlay. This overlay is in fact just an topmost window.
  • Filters out combos which can not be played due to dead cards.

Combo Helper Bot Instructions

  1. Download Combo Helper Script (see below)
  2. Download Bot (see below)
  3. Extract to any folder
  4. Open Bot
  5. Add Combo Helper Script
  6. Add your favorite Combos
  7. Make sure Hearthstone is not running in fullscreen mode and that you are not inside a match.
  8. Start the Bot
  9. Your hearthstone window will change size (this is normal)

Download Combo Helper Script and Bot

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