Hearthstone Beta Key Delivered Free within 24 hours

Hearthstone Beta KeyHearthstone Beta Key's are hard to come by, or if nothing else, they cost money, if you don't know how to get them for free. This guide will teach you how to get a Hearthstone Beta Key, in about 24 hours or less, for free. By using this method, you can get 100% free hearthstone beta keys which you can then sell, give-away, or use at your leisure.

Hearthstone Beta Key Instructions

You will need:

  • Patience
  • A Gmail account
  • 10 minutes per key

Before I tell you the method to get your free Hearthstone Beta Key(s), I want to give you this tip on using the same Gmail account for different key signups. Use a ridiculously long email name when you sign up. For each letter in the email, you will be able to create 1 key. So if you were to make it abcdefgh@gmail.com, then you would be able to make 8 Hearthstone beta keys.

The first one you sign up for, will need to use that email address (abcdefgh@gmail.com). The second will insert a period into the email like this a.bcdefgh@gmail.com. The second will move the period over to ab.cdefgh@gmail.com, etc. All of the emails with the Hearthstone Beta Keys, will all come to your original email account.

Hearthstone Beta Key Method:

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