Hearthstone Murloc Warlock Deck and Guide

Hearthstone Murloc Warlock DeckThe Hearthstone Murloc Warlock Deck list is pretty straightforward Murlocs for the most part, but adopts a philosophy of attrition. What I mean by that is the deck runs zero “big” spells/finishers and is actually focused heavily on buffing the toughness on each of your minions and having as many early drops with 2 toughness as possible. I built this deck in response to a heavy Priest/Mage/Druid sweepers meta and it worked out. In fact, last night I was rank 5 and couldn’t seem to gain any traction, and literally won 23 games in a row to make the top of rank 1 with this Hearthstone Murloc Warlock Deck.

WARNING: Shaman decks can beat this Hearthstone Murloc Warlock Deck at higher ranks... but there are no Shaman decks currently at higher ranks...

Hearthstone Murloc Warlock Deck

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