Winning Hearthstone Arena Guide

Winning Hearthstone Arena GuideIn order to start Winning Hearthstone Arena, it might be a good idea to first explain what the Hearthstone Arena is. Hearthstone is the game that's popped up on everyone's radar these last few months as a multi-platform game, many are weary of the Arena as one of the game-types that Blizzard offers. Hopefully our Winning Hearthstone Arena Guide will make those who delve into the game, less weary.

Winning Hearthstone Arena Guide

To get started with this Winning Hearthstone Arena Guide, lets start with some basics. Essentially, once a player enters the Arena at a cost of 100 gold, they pick a random player-character, a semi-random card assortment, and then are matched up with others who have done the exact same thing. The idea is to take your mis-matched spells and minions and ideally win 7 matches (I'll get to why here in a moment). The problem is that once you lose three times, you're done.

Frankly, it sounds a little intimidating (which is why we made this Winning Hearthstone Arena Guide). However at a glance it's very easy to see why hoards of people are dissuaded from spending 150 gold just to play more matches. Why? Because for many people, it seems as if the cards that they pick are altogether too random. And it makes sense that players take their logic a step further and realize that if this is true, their likely win-to-loss record will tend towards 3-3. To be honest, beginning level players and those who don't take the time to learn the strategy to Winning Hearthstone Arena will fall within this range or even below it quite often. Again, I want to educate you so you aren't one of those players.

There are a few other hurdles I'm going to ask you to jump over here in a moment as well. But before I do, I just want to mention the rewards of the arena. You know, to keep you motivated.

Yes, you will have to spend 150 gold each time you enter the arena (unless you are willing to pay for it with real-life cash), but you will, at the very least, leave with a pack of cards regardless of how many of your matches you've won. These packs are consistently valued at 100g, so with the time commitment aside, you're not losing too much, if you're losing all three of your rounds right away. That 50g difference is actually quite easy to regain, and it's possible to do so with only one win. Check out the Hearthstone Rewards page that will show the breakdown of your loot.

Now, you may have perhaps noticed that once you reach 7 wins, you earn at least 150 gold no matter what. Yes, this means you will be completely reimbursed for the gold you initially spent on top of the pack and other reward once you hit this mark! This is why every serious arena player aims to average at least 7 wins with every run. Then they can infinitely play arena!

However I trust that you've already done some basic math. To get 7 wins, you have to average more than two wins for every one of your losses. This means that you can't just get lucky. You have to plan your way through it and using this Winning Hearthstone Arena Guide you will be able to do so. That and knowing some essential Arena strategy that will set you apart from the other participants. 😉

Picking Your Character And Your Cards

Even after reading this little tutorial and many others, you probably have a few more 1-3 runs ahead of you. Just keep working on what we've gone over, and keep this Winning Hearthstone Arena Guide around.

Don't forget to come back, and write a reply on how you did. We want to know your before and after stats. Good Luck!

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