HOMM5 Game Hack – Hero Edit, Unit Count

The HOMM5 Game Hack will give you the ability to edit the stats of heroes within Heroes of Might and Magic 5. You can also change the unit counts. So set yourself up with one golem, and then change your stack count to as many as you could want.

HOMM5 Game Hack

HOMM5 Game HackThis HOMM5 Game Hack lets you edit hero stats and unit counts, and move around the main map without ending your turn. It uses AOBSCAN so it may work after updates and I've included surrounding code in the script comments so it should be easy to find the injection points. 

This HOMM5 Game Hack also includes a script from Recifense that works for getting resources. The script finds the hero pointer when you visit the hero screen so you should be able to make sure which one you're editing, and the unlimited movement script changes it in code that is only executed when you're mouse is on the screen so I don't think it is called for enemies. 

Note: You will need to use Cheat Engine to run this Cheat Table script.

Download HOMM5 Game Hack

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HOMM5 Game Hack created by jgoemat

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