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To use this Baiting Punishers Trick on Infernal Shrines, you need to understand one thing, the method we will use, is to bait them, moving them in a way to make it easier to take them down. Of course there is more to this Baiting Punishers Trick, but that's the most important information. This guide will show you how to bait them, and other tips and tricks to use against them to quickly take them down.

Baiting Punishers Trick

Before I go into the Baiting Punishers Trick for HotS on Infernal Shrines, I should note that many people think this is a snowball-ish map, and that quitting is often the easiest solution. It's not. Don't give up, but DO read this guide, watch the video, and read the tips and tricks following...Do this Baiting Punishers Trick, and you will never get snowballed on Infernal Shrines! Unless you're just up against a straight up better team, in which case you'll get snowballed just like on any other map.

Remember... even knowing this Baiting Punishers Trick, there's always some idiot standing outside the gate that screws up the bait. Just like there's always someone who caps the giants in mines before the golem. These things are out of our control, but if you educate your own team, you will win more often.

Baiting Punishers Trick on Infernal Shrines

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