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Brightwing Tips & Tricks - HotSWith over 700 games on Brightwing, it's time we took a look and offered you some Brightwing Tips & Tricks. Brightwing has undergone some changes since being first introduced, but she's still a strong champion, for those who want to learn more about her.

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Brightwing Tips & Tricks

Before we go into these Brightwing Tips & Tricks, there are some general things you should know to work with her.

  • Brightwing is fully capable of being a solo healer. Her damage mitigation from her E and damage prevention from her CC don’t get reflected in the score screen, so she’s doing a lot of work that isn’t credited. That said, her on-demand burst healing isn’t as much, so champions with their own heals/shield can help smooth that out.

  • Due to the lack of a mount, and not wanting to blow Blink Heal charges(if she even has them), BW can fall behind when rotating to an objective when the team is mounted, which often happens after teleporting to one. Make sure to keep this in mind and not start a 4v5 accidentally, even if that 4v5 turns into a 5v5 after 3 seconds, it’s a disadvantaged fight.

Brightwing Tips & Tricks - Recommended Talents

  • (1) Hyper Shift (4) Manic Pixie/Unstable Anomaly (7) Phase Shield (10) Blink Heal/Emerald Wind (13) Shield Dust (16) Bouncy Dust/Greater Polymorph (20) Rewind/Wyrmhole/Storm Shield

Brightwing Tips & Tricks - Laning/Early game

  • While Brightwing can solo lane if absolutely necessary, it’s extremely inefficient and sub-optimal, and she will lose lane. That can be fine if you have double gankers coming by regularly (in which case, soloing midlane is better than a sidelane), but that’s about the only situation where you’re not giving up a lot by having her solo lane. She is best optimized in a tri-lane where she can heal as many people as possible, and recall -> tp back on a teammate as often as she wants.

  • Endless trading & hearthing defines BW’s playstyle in lane, pre-10 fights, and to some extent the entire game. Hearthing all the time is pretty doable once you get used to managing the Z cooldown, which is up all the time if you’re trading, which is why you would want to hearth in the first place.

  • Getting as many procs of your passive off is a crucial factor to successfully playing Brightwing. So taking a little bit of damage during laning is good, even if for no other reason than to get another proc off.

Brightwing Tips & Tricks - Transitioning

  • Brightwing’s early game is pretty weak, but early game kills don’t give much. As long as you can TP back to where you died and not miss soak, you won’t get punished much for dieing. Dieing in lane shouldn’t happen much, if ever, but is much more common for early objective fights. Obviously you don’t want to die, but trading your life so someone else can live, assuming you can TP back after the short death timer, means that you’re up there with Uther and Leoric for the best at dieing. It goes without saying that if you can escape with low HP and tp back that is preferred (but some people need that in writing).

  • While as a rule you want to be with as many people as possible, getting off max passive procs, when seeds/skulls/tribute/immortals come up (being late to other objectives is at best an unreliable strat) it can be worthwhile to simply stay in lane clearing/soaking until the fighting starts or your team starts taking significant damage from the objective. When doing this, err on the side of TPing a little too early instead of a little too late. TPing a little too early will cause you to miss 1-2 minions of soak, TPing too late will cost you a teamfight and control of the first objective.

Brightwing Tips & Tricks - Teamfighting

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  • Brightwing has less healing for herself than for anyone else, and a very low HP pool, so its vital to position safely and avoid all damage you can, unlike early game laning, where you want to trade tank, regularly take light damage and hang out at 80-90% HP. With that in mind, you generally position more aggressively for Emerald Winds than you do when running Blink Heal.

  • Using E as a shield (which means it has to not just cast, but apply before damage hits) is where Brightwing’s main value is right now. The most impactful skill for optimizing BW’s kit is using abilities at highly specific times- you need to watch for opponents’ abilities, and use your skills reactively AND pre-emptively, a difficult combination to say the least. For example, you need to watch for a stealthed Zera and know who he’s going to target, and throw your E on his target before his first auto attack, which is going to do twice as much as his others. A quarter of a second or less differentiates a massively successful E, and a tragically ineffective one.

  • Polymorph is an ability with a long duration, but little offensive practical uses. You need to evaluate who your priority targets are for poly at the beginning of the game, and wait for them to get in the condition where you want to poly them (e.g. wait for Valla/ETC to ult, wait for illi/Zera to jump in, Sylvanas to E, etc.) Much like you need to anticipate incoming damage with your E, it’s almost strictly a reactionary ability. You bait people into getting shut down by these by annoying them with Q, and whatever other means you have at your disposal.

  • Flare is a weak ability, but if you get creative with it, you can outperform the intended champion limitations. There are 2 main ways to do this: (1) aim for allies with Flare when they have enemy melees on them, the idea being that the melees will path into your trajectory then, and you’ll get more hits in the center. (2) The long delay on when flare actually lands means people have time to dodge it, which is part of why the ability is weak. However, you can use this as a mind game sometimes, and by casting slightly to the side of where you normally would, make them think “oh I’ll avoid this skillshot ‘cause I’m cool” and make them take a step or two to the side, which works for you as a sort of mini-CC that’s more useful than the negligible damage.

Brightwing Tips & Tricks

Thanks for your time, I hope this guide to Brightwing Tips & Tricks, brings up your skills with her. I don't stream that often, but I like to answer questions on it when I do, and you can find it here.

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