Heroes of the Storm Assassin Guide – Download PDF

Heroes of the Storm Basic Strategy Guide

In this Heroes of the Storm Assassin Guide, we go over the skills, recommended builds, various heroes, how to maximize damage, effective tactics and individual talents of each of the recommended heroes. Imagine pouncing on an unsuspecting hero who harassed you repeatedly, then terrorizing him with your new found skills.

Heroes of the Storm is the new MOBA game from Blizzard in which you play one of the Heroes of Warcraft, and with this new Heroes of the Storm Assassin Guide, you will dominate the map.

Heroes of the Storm Assassin Guide Overview

  • Heroes of the Storm Assassin Guide - Download PDFIntroduction to Heroes of the Storm, including game features that you need to know to win matches such as structures, objectives and talents.
  • Complete list of all playable Assassin heroes and insights on the key skills that make each of them a powerful choice.
  • Strategic overview on all Assassin skills with recommended advice maximizing your damage-dealing capabilities.
  • Best ability rotations with hero builds that improve your Assassin play drastically.
  • Assassin-specific strategies for early game laning, mid game skirmishes, and late game teamfights.
  • Learn the ins and outs of all HotS battlegrounds, plus insider secrets that will give you a decisive edge over your enemies.
  • Extensive gold making advice allows you to quickly buy new Assassin heroes, skins, and other collectibles.

Please note: This Heroes of the Storm Assassin Guide is not yet complete. It currently stands at about 40 of the 80 planned pages. With this Heroes of the Storm Assassin Guide download, part of the guide is missing, which will be updated at a later time. You can purchase this guide for $19.99 via Killer Guides.


Heroes of the Storm Assassin GuideDownload PDF

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