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Greetings Terrans,


Heroes Ranking Overview - HotSI was a League of Legends player that was top 30 NA somewhere before they allowed EU transfers, this was over 3 years ago. Then I got fed up with Riot Games bull and left.


Anyway,what I was better than most people at was not at playing, but making correct analysis of a character's value and usefulness, I was an amazing player many times but I definitely had my share of games where my team probably lost because I performed poorly, I wasn't the superhero of mobas, but creating builds and evaluating the true potential of a character very quickly, that's what I was really good at, usually dominating with characters that people considered underwhelming, I had over 75% win rate on Ezreal even while others were announcing that Ezreal was trash.


To sum it up, this Heroes Ranking guide will cover what I consider to be the current Heroes Ranking by tiers, with S being the top, and Tier 4 being the lowest, along with the vital points to win games covering the biggest mistakes I see people do on HoTS right now so, let's get it started.



HotS Heroes Ranking Guide

S TIER - Heroes Ranking

Kael'thas - Expect a nerf, this guy is the God of the tier lists, broken as they come and his DPS both on minion waves as in heroes is freaking ridiculous. Living Bomb can do a stupid amount of AoE damage, spreads, it can be applied to heroes via Flamestrike , and Flamestrike has a pretty huge area when used up in combination with Verdant Spheres , often you will see the entire enemy team dying one after the other in quick succession, even when they seem they are ahead of the fight since his damage doesn't apply instantly, and then it spreads, and well, they die. Pyroblast is superior to Phoenix in a million ways, unless they got someone who can stun you across the map or make a character invulnerable, sadly, some top tier characters do exactly that and very smart players will dedicate themselves to it, so if you're facing Anub'arak, Uther, etc, take Phoenix . Let's face it, 90% of the times you'll take Phoenix because your opponent is not ******ed, but Pyroblast is better on paper, maybe in combination with a Joahanna that takes the heat of you and cramps the opponents together or a crazy wombo combo team.


Anub'arak - Want to find out if a tier list is good? Check where this dude is, anywhere below S tier and the list is trash, move along. Some people can only play casters and or play safe, this is NOT that guy, Anub'arak gets in there, he has longest / best initiation in the game with Burrow Charge , and then a line stun with Impale which often hits 4~5 members of the enemy team, he also can't be hit while traveling to you, so the CC is very hard to prevent, and then he Locust Swarm and does so much damage and gets so much sustain, why God why! Love playing with him, hate playing against him, best tank in the game, period.


The Lost Vikings - Not recommended for noobs, soak up EXP for all three lanes? Uh, yes please. Force to be reckoned with late game and pretty good neutral creep killer, very complete character overall, requires good multitasking and micromanagement to be used to full extent. Again, please noobs don't. I don't need to say much about him, if you can play him, you understand why he's here.


Illidan - Leave no team fight unfinished, this guy is a beast, probably my second favorite character in the game specially when paired with Brightwing or Uther. He has a lot of sustain during a team fight while doing crazy damage to their main DPS and whoever follows, if a team fight is going your way, usually he lets no one escape, not even characters with long blinks like Sylvanas, he will catch up to you with Sweeping Strike and Dive and fighting him back, specially when low HP is usually a terrible idea, specially when Metamorphosis is on. Blood for Blood , Sixth Sense and First Aid can make him do much more damage and soak up much more damage than you'd expect, be very careful when 1vs1'ing Illidan, if that's possible. Dive to your back makes kids crack.


Sylvanas - Siege/Bruiser Camp when they spawn, stun towers level 1, what?! Is her passive for real? I always get Paralysis which changes 1 second stun to 2 seconds, yes I know, Envenom is amazing but remember the judging a fish for his ability to climb trees? Well, she's also a DPS but Paralysis helps immensely doing creep camps specially Bruiser ones, which means you can alternate attacks and stun an entire Bruiser camp and take 0 damage while you do it, personally I use it because I take advantage of this strength of hers and do camps as soon as possible, ultimately it's your choice, I wouldn't condemn you if you took Envenom , late game Paralysis isn't that required anymore but, late game Envenom is also underwhelming, too. Decent laner, somewhat decent to heavy burst, good to great mobility and possibly the best creep killer in the game (including neutrals, not just waves).


Uther - Paladins, right?! Right?! Holy Light far as fawk burst heal on someone, Holy Radiance line heal. His stun hits considerably far and it's not a skillshot, and both his ultimates are viable depending on the situation, if he dies, he becomes a healing machine, simply effective and effectively simple, there's no amazing plays to be made with Uther, he is simply good, that's it, simply simple. Heavily recommended for noobs, you can shine in any team and all you need to do is follow the guy that is doing great, and be careful with your positioning.


Brightwing - First, I hate this guy for breaking my rule of putting two champions that, generally do the same thing in S tier, second, incoming wall of text, third, guaranteed nerf incoming. Best single champion support in the game... not undisputed because Uther is a thing, but, he has iiiinsaaaane lane sustain with Soothing Mist , can keep one person alive for freaking ever specially after/if he gets Blink Heal and Phase Shield . Polymorph is OP, he can take one person out of battle instantly, both his ults are not amazing as other characters are but they are pretty good, I mean, he has a "disengage" which does average damage and you can move while using it or you can just improve the team's position in a team fight, like getting the enemy team away from your DPS, or canceling some channels like E.T.C's Mosh Pit, so, if there's a lot of use for a interrupt, you can pick this, otherwise I suggest Blink Heal because 1) Blink and 2) Heal. his Arcane Flare is kinda garbo but makes him not be absolutely terrible at clearing waves, it becomes much better if later you get the Sticky Flare talent but that means you'd be sacrificing Phase Shield and Sticky Flare ultimately, it's your choice, still, 3 seconds of 30% slow is nothing to laugh about, AoE at that, sadly it's a slow traveling skill shot. His Z skill aka mount skill is special, it makes him be available anywhere in the map much like Falstad, which is a terror if combined.


Jaina - Her slow and damage amplification with Frostbitten and Northern Exposure talents might even make her better than Kael, consider them the steroids to put her on even ground with him but you got to inflict it on a good number of enemies and your team has to capitalize on it so it's a bit more situational, she has about the same ability to clear waves and same ****tiness clear of neutral creeps, she can still burst enemies down like Kael'thas but it's a bit harder/linear, Envenom is almost necessary to do that. She can kite way better than Kael'thas and she can turn an escape situation into kills sometimes. Stop getting the Summon Water Elemental . Get the nikes all times every times!


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TIER 1 - Heroes Ranking


Valla - Best physical DPS in the game (which is not saying a lot in this game) which is mostly through right clicks but don't think for a second this makes her skill cap lower than let's say, Jaina or Kael'thas. Positioning is key and you want to stay in the team fight as long as you can instead of weaving in and out so, experience with ranged physical carries is crucial. You can burst down almost every character in the game and almost by yourself, her initial burst is not as high but her sustained DPS is unrivaled, you can use your Hungering Arrow and Multishot mid fight but I suggest you save it to finish characters like Raynor or Malfurion before they can heal back up. Vault can be used to reposition on the team fight or escape, but don't be afraid to use it offensively, just be careful not to put yourself on a terrible position. Rain of Vengeance is her only ultimate, and the only one you will ever need.


E.T.C. - Would be S tier if not for Anub'arak... well, his initiation is not as good, but if he's able to cast Mosh Pitin the correct team members, he becomes better than Anub'arak, which is very situational and won't happen often, he can be shut down before he initiates, and he can be shutdown during his ult, anyone who is remotely smart will instantly stun you so be careful how you initiate, you don't want to Powerslide , get shot back by a Raynor, and pre-emptively press R to stun a tree, which will be the only thing inside your AoE, play smart, also can you stop freaking using Mosh Pit after you use your Facemelt? Jesus Christ that sh*t is downright infuriating.


Muradin - Tankiest character in the game? Well, definitely has a scary health bar at late game, decent CC and decent initiation which are important to have combined, so right off the bat we have initiation (gap closer), crowd control and tankiness. He doesn't massively deblitate the enemy team, but an initiation with Dwarf Toss followed up by Stormbolt and Thunderclap usually means, you have to fight him there and now or risk taking potshots and dying anyway, add his Avatar with the annoying stun and you more than likely, won't be able to kill him before his team catch up to yours. It's really hard to skillshot when the tankiest guy in the game is in your face. He is an extremely viable pick, and the only reason he is not S tier is, again, because someone does what he does better than him, but Tier 1 is no joke, and neither is this guy. Take  Infused Hammer in combination with your passive Second Wind to survive the laning phase.


Tassadar - Apparently a support... yeah, right. He can fight anyone 1vs1 on a lane so he is someone to consider for mid if required, and he is also stupidly hard to gank because of his kit, and late game becomes a mix of a mage and an amazing support with an amazing shield, great clear abilities, and great zoning and burst damage in team fights with the right  Psionic Storm talents like  Overload ,  Static Charge and  Second Strike , do NOT take Resonation , it's 1 second, 1 second is nothing, less than nothing, it's definitely no competition to a second Psionic Storm cast for free! Can't heal but prevents damage unless you take  Leeching Plasma which only a handful of heroes can take advantage of and is generally not worth it, can tank maybe better than any other support, and probably has more damage than any other support. Instantly becomes S tier if the enemy team has a Zeratul and/or a Nova due to his  Oracle which is useful nonetheless in team fights if they don't, 7 seconds is a lot of time, if they do, it's pretty much a shutdown.


Johanna - The only reason why I don't consider her S rank is because I'm afraid I'm too in love with her right now and it's clouding my judgement, it probably is because her gap closer is, well, there isn't one, she just has ways to move faster. Her  Falling Sword has a huge cast time and she has below average for tank DPS. I still have no idea how people can consider her to be so low in most tiers list being Tier 3, what..? Okay, first of all, it might look like her talent tree is tricky, but it's not, if you look at it you have at most 2 picks per rank, keep in mind you're going for tanky, CC, and cooldown reduction with additive minion focus / kill specially in maps with a lot of creps or mines where you can one shot a full group of skelletons with a  Condemn . Her entire kit is amazing, she can have a 80%!! AoE!! 3 second slow with  Punish and  Subdue , she can blind with  Shield Glare and her  Condemnis just stupid good, specially if you follow up with  Blessed Shield . Requires a very strong team so don't expect to carry when your team is performing poorly, she makes everyone else shine, but it's not the best at shining by herself.


Rehgar - Greatest single target heal, AoE heal, amazing mobility, doesn't get dismounted if hit, decent AoE slow, sadly low range. Very dependent on one person doing great as opposed to, making others do great.


Zeratul - Better Nova, never pick if Tassadar in the other side, his ult reflects the skill of your team, can hinder more than help.


Zagara - No idea why people rate her so low, stupid harass.


Li Li - Good healer, okay CC vs characters like Valla.


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TIER 2 - Heroes Ranking


Arthas - Low mobility and semi-weak initiation is the reason why I don't consider him above, other than that, late game he can do a pretty stupid amount of DPS for a tank, severely deblitate the enemy team with slows and roots, and be an amazing body to stop skillshots which is something most people disregard with huge health pool characters with no CC like Azmodan, he is a decent initiator but lacks hard CC, however, his  Summon Sindragosa specially if boosted by the  Absolute Zero talent is a very nasty initiation tool, especially if he is able to keep you around his Frozen Tempest for 4~5 seconds after that. That's it, he's great but his extremely lackluster mobility and heavy CC reaaaally hurt early game.


Kerrigan - Her DPS is nice and she has a gap closer, she is a very "in your face" with a moderately high health pool type of assassin, right...? Well, no, you play her like a tank, but she doesn't tank as well as a tank, and you DPS like a DPS, and that's it. Her  Maelstrom is counter-intuitive and makes her look like a caster, the fact that  Impaling Blades and Primal Graps are skill shots doesn't help, and her  Assimilation passive generates a shield, sooo, when to pick her? When your team kinda needs a bit more of DPS and kinda needs a bit more tankiness too, which is ****ed up because you should just pick a tier 1 tank and tier 1 DPS and go. No, for real tho, she's good.


Diablo - Other tanks are better, his ult is easy to dodge.


Falstad - People play him like an auto-attacker, and that makes me cry, amaziiiing mobility.


Azmodan - People play him terribly, he's a pushing tank, he doesn't have CC but he blocks skillshots, stop playing him like a *****.


Tyrael - Can pull some fancy stuff off, you can Q a spot, go back to the fountain and then Q back (Dragon map comes to mind), most noobs don't know how to play him, E needs more range. Terrible without a good team.


Stitches - Good at picking up clueless targets at low ranks, Q's someone, that's one, and then ults someone else and that's two, great on paper, forces position out of you being too afraid to getting eaten. Slam is garbo and it's not useful even with his passive.


Tyrande - Lackluster heal in comparions to other supports, lackluster ult, amplifies damage for the rest of the team in one character, then stuns and that's it. Good stun tho, fast travel.


Nazeebo - Jack of all trades, amazing vs noobs or teams with no blinks, has his uses in high competition.


Malfurion - Been growing on me, very decent sustain. His  Entangling Roots is easy to dodge and ends fast, most of the other supports have superior forms of CC like Uther, Tyrande, Brightwing, E.T.C, neither  Regrowth or Innervate have instant effects which hurts in team fights,  Moonfire makes Tassadar laugh his lungs off until/if he gets the slow talent. 10 second recovery? Ain't nobody got time for that.


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TIER 3 - Heroes Ranking


Sgt. Hammer - Ultimate good on paper character, might do wonders at lower ranks but that phenom will stop like, instantly at higher ranks.


Tychus - Just... terrible damage in most situations, Odin takes way too long to assimilate, with a slow his Q becomes a pretty good catch up or disengage tool but that's it. His kit is decent but what he does, other heroes can do better.


Sonya - Why would you pick her instead of the vastly superior heroes?


Raynor - Noob champion for noobs who get caught out of position and then get saved by his GTFO kit, knockback plus low health heal plus movement speed. Stop picking Hyperion. Sylvanas is everything this noob wish he could be.


Nova - How can you NOT see her?! Noob slayer. Like S tier vs noobs.

Thrall - But dat nerf doe!


Chen - Amazing on paper but anyone with 2 fingers of forehead gonna interrupt your passive... I mean, they better or else it's game over.


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TIER 4 - Heroes Ranking


Murky - Just, lol.


Gazlowe - His ability to "hold positions" doesn't make up for terrible stats.


Abathur - Just... no, okay? You can pull it off against noobs, you're not gonna do it in competitive play. I don't consider him as bad as Tier 4, I just want to reinforce an idea, people can't position worth SH*T, dunno where to place mines, can't talent him up, and often stick to a target where you should constantly be switching to where you're needed and during team fights use any of your ults and only then so your body presence isn't missed as much, overall, people need to stop playing him and leave him for pros who don't need tier lists.


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Heroes Ranking F.A.Q.


Q: Why is X champion not S tier?
A: S tier is reserved to absolute top picks, well, more like top bans, consider them A tier but, the best out of A tiers or just blatantly overpowered (buffs and nerfs might change this, of course), any champion can be used to do amazing things, these just do amazing things more often or have a better kit, simply put, they usually make a huge difference but to be fair, usually end up banned, Tier 1 heroes are seriously not that far below, they probably only have one champion that performs above them in what they do, but they do have someone who does what they do better! As such, Tier 1 and S Tier are the one who should change more between eachother, Tier 1 is definitely THE list to look out for.


Q: What? Jaina weaker than Kael'thas? Are you out of your damn mind.
A: Stop freaking judging fishes for their abilities to climb trees, I don't give a **** if she has some CC, it's still the weakest form of CC in the game (slow), she shouldn't be the one doing the CC'ing, the Tyrandes, Johannas and Anub'araks of the game are, she should do damage and in that regard, she is not as good as Kael'thas.


written by Starke

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