Jurassic World Alive – Tips & Tricks

I am not going to claim to be a master when it comes to Jurassic World Alive, but I have picked up a few tips & tricks which I am going to share with you. What is Jurassic World Alive? I can best describe it as Pokemon Go, for adults. Instead of searching out Pokemon, you seek out Dinosaurs. There are some differences, which kind of annoy me, and I wish they had added to Jurassic World Alive. We'll go over those in a moment.

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Jurassic World Alive

Jurassic World Alive does have PvP, but you do not need to defend or attack a node. Instead, you simply opt to fight, and then if you win, you go up in ladder rankings while gaining an incubator (containing items, coin, and DNA used to level dinosaurs) as well as some coin. What you get depends on the win and at what level you are. There are 4 incubators available. They are based on common to rare, and differentiate by more items and the length of time to open them. Incubators are 15 minutes, 3 hours, 8 hours, and 12 hours. As far as I know, there might also be a 24 hour one, however the information I found at various Wiki pages are based on old information and do not mention the time intervals above. 

Grinding Down

If you just started playing Jurassic World Alive, you're going to benefit more from the information I am about to present to you. It's a guide on getting better incubators. You see incubators you receive from PvP comes from how much you best the opponent. But the problem is, at higher levels, it's hard to best the opponent, and grinding down takes a long time - unless you have a grind down team. I have 2 teams. I have my highest and best damaging dinosaurs with their handpicked abilities. And then I have a team consisting of level 1 and 2 level dinosaurs which I do not evolve. When I want to get awesome rewards, I use my top team against low ranking teams, and when I need to grind down, I use my low tier dinosaurs. Using the low tier dinosaurs makes it look like I am trying to win - even when I am not. This actually encourages other player and is a win-win by getting more players continuing to play. 

TIP: You can grind down in rank without having low level dinosaurs, you simply switch out dinosaurs, missing an attack, but receiving one. It's a long process, but it does work.

AI or Human?

There is an easy way to tell if you are playing against an AI or a Human, but unfortunately, you won't know till the end of the PvP match. If you or your opponent wins, and you played against an AI, it will simply tell you if you won or not. If you played against a human, it will tell you who you played against. As far as I know, this information has little to no impact in the game, as you might never play against the person again.

Selecting first dinosaur in PvP

Selecting your first dinosaur in a PvP match in Jurassic World Alive comes down to whether you want to win, or to lose and grind down. Generally speaking I usually play my strongest armor dinosaur if I want to win - think of this as your tank. If I don't have a tank, I opt for a DPS dinosaur which has first strike capabilities. For example a Velociraptor, I hit the enemy with Pounce on the first attack. Sometimes a crit attack will wipe out the target on one hit. If I am going for the loss, the dinosaur with the least amount of armor or the least amount of HP is best. However, you should never use the send or third abilities, just go for the first basic attack.

Switching out during PvP

Earn Swagbucks, just for signing upIn Jurassic World Alive, you can switch out dinosaurs mid match, if their health is low. You should only do this if you want to win AND you have a high armor dino. Since you're going to miss an attack, you don't want to get hit twice with a high likelihood of a power attack in one of the attacks. If you want to lose, and you know the dinosaur you're going up against, you can guesstimate when the enemy is going to opt for the high DPS attack. That will be the time to switch dino's mid match. Keep in mind however that sometimes it's good to sacrifice a dino, let it die so that you can bring in a faster high DPS ready attack.

TIP: When the enemy dinosaur is down to around <200 health, and you're not up against a tank or a dino with a shield, DO NOT use your high DPS attack. Save it for the next dino which will replace it.

Driving and catching Dinosaurs

It's never a good idea to drive while catching dinosaurs. However, it's great if you are the passenger. To pick up resources, click on one before you get to it, and keep tapping until you get to "spin" for the resources. For a dinosaur, it's a bit more tricky, but you can choose one and click on it. As long as it's green or yellow before you launch, you can still attack - even if you are a few miles away by the time you hit your first attack.

TIP: Your first attack is free, and the dinosaur will not move till you hit it the first time, nor will the battery drain. Take your time, and hit the center circle exactly.

I have noticed that there are no dinosaurs and no supply points along the highway. However, if you're a passenger, you can on occasion reach a dinosaur which is over 80 meters away with a half life battery. I also recommend searching the nearby area, and having whoever is driving you, chase down epic dinosaurs to score their DNA. Do not bother with rares, not really worth the effort. At about 70 miles an hour, it's unlikely you will be able to catch dinosaurs nor gather darts.

Best attacks

Jurrasic World Alive ReticleWhen hunting dinosaurs, it's best to take your time. I mentioned above the first shot was free. The object is to hit the circle directly in the middle. It becomes harder when it's moving. The more damage you do, the faster it moves. This is where you need to start leading the attack. When it's not moving, you can see that you can hit the target, but also that the reticle gets larger. The same will happen when it moves, but you need to be touching the circle when it's moving at .5x speed. Then adjust your aim, depending on how fast the dinosaur is moving. It will move faster (1x) after about 25-30 in damage, and again (2x) at about 50-60. Its better to take your time and aim for the center of the reticle than it is to take multiple pot shots. Taking pot shots, when you get 1-7 damage might give you 35-50 damage total. But at level 1, aiming, you should be able to net 55-77 damage (5-7 shots).  Thus... take your time.

TIP: As you get better, you might get more shots, but in the early stages 5 or greater is awesome.

Leveling Up

The only bonus you get for leveling up, is doing more damage to the dinosaurs. Everytime you level up, you gain 1 more DNA per hit per max damage/perfect shot. But the only way to gain experience to level up, is to evolve your dinosaurs. You won't get XP for finding new dinosaurs nor attacking enemies in PVP. But you will get it when you claim a new dino and when you evolve them.

Pet Peeves

My first pet peeve with the game, is that there is no sense of team play in Jurassic World Alive. You don't choose a faction and work with others to hold resources.

My second pet peeve for Jurassic World Alive. I wish I could use a lure to bring dinosaurs to me. For about the last 2 months, I have been bed ridden due to a broken leg - a spiral fracure... bad break. Every hour (unless I was a passenger) I had a chance to pick up 1-2 dinosaurs for their DNA. Of course, I still wish I could move around freely by my self. But the only way to collect resources currently, is to beg for rides, where ever someone is going, no matter where they were going. For those who are bed ridden, or rely on others, this game isn't for them.

Sponsored Content

This month, both AMC and Walmart have sponsored Jurassic World Alive by offering specials you can see in the game. At AMC theaters, they give you a one time pickup of an incubator. If you live by one, make a stop. If you don't, don't bother. It's not worth it for a one time pickup. Walmart is a resource stop and it will regenerate in about 15-30 minutes. It's a little better than a normal resource visit, more like a paid subscription kind. You get 3 items. For me, it meant getting 25 darts. For a buddy, 15 and ~500 coinage.

Alright peeps, that's it for this Jurassic World Alive Tips & Tricks guide. If you think I should add anything, leave a comment, and I will be sure to add it into the guide. Please do share, but by linking not copy/pasting it. This Jurassic World Alive guide was written by Spitt @mmoexploiters.

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