League of Legends: 5 Unlikely Support Champions

If you are bored of your typical support champions or are you playing with friends, forced into the support position but prefer a more active role in the game then you might want to choose a new Champion. Here are my top 5  favorite but unlikely support champions which work well, and why they work. Just remember that as support you still need to buy wards and don’t take creeps.


An odd choice for a support, Viktor has a variety of useful skills that he can apply in lane.

His W is the main key to success as support. It can server many purposes. You can cut off enemy champions by putting this behind them. You can stop enemies from farming under the turret by dropping a W at the turret. W can also be a game changer during fights, since when you drop a Gravity Field on the AD carry, they either get stunned if the choose to fight, or spend time walking out of the field leaving time for your AD carry to get free hits.

His Q and W are useful for poking the enemy champions, but be careful when using Q as the range is quite small on it. Viktor’s ultimate can be a game changer when having a fight. If you are able to hit it on both the enemies in lane, then it will be a great source of damage as well as a silence which comes in handy. Late game, the AoE silence proves very useful in team fights.


Lee-SinLee Sin

An aggressive support, Lee Sin has a very high early game damage output. He can use Q -> E/Auto-Attack -> and W to safety as a good source of damage. Otherwise he can just throw Q’s out for some damage. The shield on his W is just an added bonus for your AD carry.

With Lee Sin as a support, look for an early kill or two. As the Blind Monk will undoubtedly be a valuable asset early game. Items that you definitely should consider include Aegis of the Legion, Sightstone and Randiun’s Omen. These items will keep you tanky and aid your allies late game.

Later on, your ult becomes useful for disengaging, or bringing your opponents closer to you. The fly duration also disables them for a few valuable seconds allowing your AD to get a few extra hits on other enemies.



Fiddlesticks has seen some support play among high elo players. He has great CC with his fear possibly being one of the best single target disables out there. His AoE silence comes in handy sometimes and he has decent base damage in his Drain and his Crowstorm. Also, his passive is handy for AD carries that have some magic damage output such as Kog Maw or Tristana. However, he is a very squishy and a hit or miss type of champion. He will work very well with certain team compositions and players, but will fail miserably in others.

Be careful playing against supports such as Blitz, Leona and Alistar, as they have multiple means of stopping your Drain. Also, these champions tend to be tankier and you may have some trouble trying to win fights early.



Gangplank has a constant, reliable poke with Parley. His passive grants him a constant slow and his Raise Morale is useful for buffing your AD carry with move speed and attack damage. Your W is good for disengaging or escaping when your opponent is initiating. When playing as support, just keep poking until you feel like the enemy is low enough to engage. Then Parley -> Raise Moral and jump into the fight. This would work best with AD champions that can close the gap like Graves, Ezreal or Caitlyn as you have no hard CC.



Yes, I am biased. I admit it, I love Pantheon. Honestly though, Pantheon support does work wonders in certain situations. When paired with an AD carry with a strong poke or high early game damage, Pantheon support will ensure a lot of early game kills and give you lane advantage. His level 6 is also good for ganking mid lane when necessary, but usually you will want to stay bot lane and protect your AD carry.

Good lane partners include Caitlyn (who has good poking abilities, and can trap ontop of your stuns) and Miss Fortune (an early game beast who will benefit from your damage output). Ezreal is also a good pick for poke as well as decent damage output early on.

As for champions you want to avoid, Leona and Taric will pretty much render you useless. Taric has a passive armor buff and his stun makes it dangerous for you to poke. Leona is very tanky and also has multiple stuns. Pantheon lacks lane sustain for you and your partner, and Leona, for the most part, will win trades.

summoner-school-transparent-coverThe difference in playing support as Pantheon is that you will not be only buying support items. You will be a supplementary damage dealer with utility. For items, start off with Faerie Charm and wards and pots. Later on, the support items you will build will just include Shurelya’s Reverie, Sightstone, and possibly Aegis of the Legion. Your other items should be offensive and include Black Cleaver, Bloodthirster and situational damage items (Last Whisperer/Maw of Mortimus)

Overall though, support Pantheon is very fun and rewarding. Just make sure you give your teammates the heads up first. Having an aggressive teammate that knows when to follow up and when to keep poking is essential for commanding an early lead with Pantheon.



I hope you’ve enjoyed my list of viable and unlikely support champions. All of them are very active supports that focus on harass and early game strength. Give them a try and tell me what you think in the comments below!


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