League of Legends: Hotkeys Guide

Chat Commands

"Enter" = Toggles chat (default: Send message to allies only)
/all or "shift + enter" = Sends message to all players in the game
/help = Lists / commands and provides descriptions
/surrender = Starts vote for team surrender
/nosurrender = Votes against surrendering
/dance = Starts champion's dance sequence
/taunt = Plays champion's taunt track
/joke = Plays champion's joke track
/laugh = Plays champion's laugh track


"x" = Attack
"q / w / e / r" = use champion skill
"alt-q/alt-w/alt-e/alt-r" = level up that skill.
"a" = Summoner spell 1
"s" = Summoner spell 2
"V" = Stop
"H" = holding down Hold ‘H’ works like stop until it’s lifted.
"1 - 6" = Use item in its respective slot
"b" or "7" = Blue Pill
"z" = Brings up chat history
"m" = Brings up a larger minimap, centered on screen
"c" = Opens hero stats page
"g" = Toggles ping cursor
"y" = Locks camera on champion
"spacebar" = Centers camera on champion
"Tab" = Opens match stats page
"v" - turn off summoner names.
"L"- cycles through minion healthbar views
"shift-L" - turn off champion healthbars
"p" - open shop
Arrow Keys = Scrolls screen
"alt+left click" = Pings location
"alt+right click" = Control minion movement (Like Tibbers)
"shift-right click" = attack move
"F12" = Takes screenshot
"Esc" = Brings up game options menu

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