League of Legends: Jungler Guide


Picking a Jungler

First off you need to find which champion you are most familiar or is compatible with you teammates. Here are a few good junglers. I recommend them to everyone, I like them a lot since they are quite easy to use and you can get through jungle rather quickly.

Lee Sin - Sustainable champion, able to jungle with ease, great ganker, and is good at escaping.
Mundo - Quick jungler, able to slow enemy when ganking, poor sustainable health (can be replace with hp regen and ult). Red buff gives Mundo a extra edge.
Darius - Great damage output when ganking, okay jungling, and able to counter-jungle if possible.
Shaco - Great jungler, great ganker, poor resistance,can jungle with ease, and need team co-op to gank easily for kills. Mana dependent on the first few minutes.
Fiddlestick - Jungle with ease, poor resistance, mana dependent, good team ganker, and able to provide the extra crowd control.
Warwick - Great health sustainable, great jungle, mana dependent for few minutes into the game, good gank though not many skills to gank with. Great for focusing 1 person down quickly.

There are more but these champions I have been playing a lot when jungling. You might not like them or do not have them but still look for jungle champions you are most familiar with and play them.

Jungling in the Jungle

lol_10conseilspourlajungle_hdDepending on your champion, you would most likely start on the red golem or the blue golem side. Champions with energy ,rage, any with no mana tend to start out at the red golem. Those with mana start at the blue golem.

Red Golem Side

Wait in the bush to see if there is any gank from the enemy team. Have your teammates hide in other bushes or patrol within your side of the map, in order to have the enemy team coming in and attacking you or disrupting your jungling.

At 1:40 start at wraith. Have your team damage them but leave so that you can kill all 4 and get exp and gold. At 1:54 red golem will appear, tell your team to deal heavy damage if you want to keep Smite (a spell dealing certain damage to minions/monster). After that you will be level 2.

You have two choices:

  1. Gank any lane that you see that either enemy champion is low health or is pushing to far into your team side.
  2. Continue jungling.

Champion with mana will usually take both golem, for mana regen and red buff extra damage. Champion with no mana will usually take red buff and give middle lane person blue buff. This is not always true, but it is most of the time. Make sure to share the buff with your allies during mid game and late game. When jungling make sure to look at the map in order to gank. Keep your health at least 60% and up.

Counter jungling is a hard thing to do if you do not know where the enemy jungler is. For me, I usually hit level 2, go to the golem that the enemy jungler will likely go too, wait in the bush and let him attack the golem. When he is low health, I would go in for the kill, then leave the jungle. Also if you see the enemy jungler dead or protecting a lane, it is a perfect opportunity to steal his exp and gold from his jungle.


HideMyAss.comSmite- essential for quick jungling, kill minions with ease, able to steal kills or guarantee kills of the monster. Does certain damage.
Flash- Great for getting close to the enemy or escaping
Ignite-Guarantee extra damage when ganking and possibly a kill if possible
Exhaust- Great team play for slowing enemy champion, chasing them or slowing them down so you or your ally can run away.

I recommend to carry Smite and another spell when jungling. However, you do not have to. I have jungled several time without smite, it is not really easy, but it is possible.


When ganking do not just go charge in and attack the enemy. Wait patiently for when its in your favor. Signal your ally that you are coming to help them, so they can prepare. Target your enemy and together attack.

How you know you successfully ganked? Easy, if they use any spell or you kill them, or push them back so your ally can grind/farm for gold and exp.

When ganking make sure to memorize the time of when the enemy places their wards. They will know you are coming. If you don't know when they placed wards have an ally within the lanes tell you either they placed wards or not. Wards only last 3 minutes. Still do not be afraid to go charge and gank if they have wards. Sometimes they are not successful in escaping.

Remember to play smart, since a jungler can either drag the team down or help them.


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