League of Legends: Mid Lane Champion Guide

In League of Legends, the mid lane refers the the middle lane which is located in the middle of the map. The middle lane is usually one where Ap champions and some Ad champions duel it out. Thus, because of the lane usually being a one vs one lane, these lanes tend to have burst damage champions that have a high amount of mobility that can affect other lanes as well.


Champions That Thrive Mid Lane

What makes a good mid lane champion is their ability to duel an opponent while also having an ability to affect other lanes. Thus, like said earlier champions usually chosen are champions that have either a high burst/killing potential, ability to affect other lanes easily, and the possibility to affect late game play (for example: Morgana, usually not a burst champion but her ability to affect late game play is why people usually pick her). champions with all of these are usually what people often use in either Ranked games or professional play.

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Some common picks that people have been using are:

lol-mid-lane-championsEve: One of the latest picks that has been popular throughout normal League play and throughout professional play. Her ability to burst down heroes/champions is one of the reasons why she is picked. Another big reason is her passive which allows her to become invisible. Because of this she can easily run to certain lanes that do not have pink wards. This allows for her to be able to be undetected until she runs out and kills you.

Katarina: Being a very mobile and bursty champion she has an ability to instantly kill an entire team. Her skill set allows for generally easy escapes while she can jump into unsuspecting players and instantly kill them.

Talon/Pantheon/Xin Zhao: Just recently after the changes in Season 3's items, AD bursty champs have been popular on the normal/ranked League games (though it has yet to take full hold in professional play). Because of the general small amounts of armor mid lane champions have these champions damage pierce through thus a large amounts of damage can be dealt. Paired with the cc that is brought with these champions in early and late game play. These are handily strong picks for the Mid Lane.

But you must remember... any champion can be played well in the mid lane depending on your skill with the champion. Never count a champion out because it is not in the current "meta."

Play Styles

Playing in the mid lane you will often not have the comfort of another team mate being near to assist you. Though, sometimes this can be alleviated by the fact that junglers tend to frequent the mid lane if possible and ganks can come in from both the top and bottom lanes. Thus, mid laners have to often take into account the locations of both top lanes and bottom lanes while also keeping a wary eye out for the jungler in case he tries to gank the mid lane.

Some common playing styles of the mid lane are...


Farming is often used with champions that can clear entire creep waves with different AoE spells. These spells allow easy ability to quickly kill waves sending your waves into the opponents towers. This often forces the opponent to miss creeps unless they themselves have an adequate way of kill creeps. This style of play is mostly focused on mid game/late game items gained from the large quantity of gold gained from creeps. Also with this style of play, unless the opportunity presents itself, kills are rarer. This style can also be mixed with several different styles of play which will be shown below.

Kill lane/zone lane/etc.

This lane refers to specific champions that will be focused on killing and or zoning an opponent. This forces the opponent to lose experience points and gold depending on how strong of a champion you are using. But, these champions are often the most bursty type of champions that slowly whittle you down until they are able to straight out kill you or you are too scared so you stand far enough back where xp and gold are not attainable. This usually cannot be mixed with a farming lane because of the fact that with the farming playing style you are usually pushed up into the opponents tower allowing them to A. gain gold from creep kills (depending on the champion) and B. gain xp which is what you want to deprive your opponent of. BE WARY though because if this is your playing style most likely you will be ganked so... WARD WARD WARD WARD!



This lane generally refers to impacting other lanes (i.e. top, bottom, jungle). These lanes generally are heroes with a high amount of mobility (ways of getting around detected or otherwise undetected). With these heroes it is extremely important in impacting the lanes around as that is the main goal. But, one thing is that you don't want to be away from the lane so much that you lose minion gold and exp from the middle lane. Other wise there would be no point to be in the middle lane. But, generally type of thinking revolves around almost any of the mid heroes as they all should be roaming around after clearing waves or looking to help lanes in trouble.


With the middle lane comes great responsibilities. It is one of the lanes that almost always ends up being a 1 v 1 lane. So, its one person against the other. One mistake and the other champion could snow ball. And a good mid laner could impact other lanes to the point of winning games. But, even with all this information that you just obtained there can always be room for improvement.


summoner-school-transparent-coverHelpful Hints

  • Harass when possible but do not lose creeps over harassing.
  • Always ward a bush and stand closer to it than the other bush. Therefore if you are getting ganked you can see it coming faster and have a greater chance at escape.
  • If the opponent is attempting to push you toward a bush that isn't warded most likely the enemy jungler/hero is waiting for you. Just fall back towards your tower. Creeps aren't worth a death.
  • ALWAYS help your jungle. If he is getting invaded HELP HIM, if he is invading and finds an enemy jungler HELP HIM, if he is ganking HELP HIM.
  • Remember The mid lane is not your only lane affect other lanes as well.

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