League of Legends: Terms and Abbreviations

You will hear many terms in the game, forums, and on this guide that you may not know. Here is a compilation of some of the most popular. This is by no means a complete list, but at least it will get you started.

ability: each champion has 3 abilities and 1 ultimate that usually do magic damage
AD: attack damage; increased by leveling up and by items, this helps normal right-click attacks to do more damage
AFK: away from keyboard; when people are not playing at all, they are considered AFK (this is highly shunned in the LoL community)
AP: ability power; used for casters to help their spells do more damage
Aura: some items give an aura that allow you AND your nearby allies to receive benefits
b: back; used to signal that a teammate should retreat
backdoor: when a champ attempts to take out a turret or inhibitor without the help of minions, usually when the enemy team is away
baron: baron nashor; the huge worm in Summoners Rift that, if killed, grants large bonuses to everyone on the team
basic attacks: each champion has the ability to simply right click on an enemy to do physical damage, but can be augmented by passive abilities or magical items (such as sheen)
bg: bad game
blind: a move that makes an enemy champion unable to use normal attacks, but still able to use abilities
bot: referring to the bottom lane in Summoners Rift
brush: an area of grass where you become invisible except when an enemy enters it
buff: a temporary increase to some stat, can be received through allies, items, or slaying certain neutrals
care: careful; used to tell your allies that they are in danger, can be accompanied by pings or someones name, such as "care pantheon"
carry: these champs (if played correctly) will be the deciding factor in the late game fights
cc: crowd control; general term that describes an ability that would hinder a champions ability to fight, stuns, blinds, and silences are the most common
cd: cooldown; all spells have a certain time before they can be used again
champ: champion
creeps: minions spawned by each nexus
d: defend
dc: a player who disconnects from the game before it is over
DoT: damage over time, spells where damage is dealt over a period of time rather than all at once, examples are ignite and Teemo's mushrooms
DotA: Defense of the Ancients; the game that inspired LoL
DPS: damage per second; these champs are specialized to do the most damage possible
ELO: in a very small nutshell, how good a player is
farm: to kill a large amount of creeps or neutrals to get experience and gold
FB: first blood; the first kill in the game grants 400 gold instead of 300
fear: an ability that causes the target to run around like an idiot for a period of time, making them unable to attack or move where they want to go
feed: when someone constantly dies, they are said to be feeding the other team, when a player has many kills they are said to be fed
focus: target a specific player, generally low HP ones
gank: ambush
gg: good game
gj: good job
harass: hit the enemy with non lethal bursts of damage to force them to go back and heal
inc: incoming; a variation of omw, but can also be used to say that an ult is coming, such as saying "pantheon ult inc"
jungle: in between lanes is typically called the "jungle"
lane: referring to the top, mid, or bottom lane in Summoners Rift
leaver: a player that quits a game before it ends
lol: League of Legends or laugh out loud, depending on context
mage: (aka magic DPS) a champ that is built to kill others by using their abilities
mia: missing in action; used to alert allies that a certain enemy is away from their lane, and may be trying to gank
mid: referring to the middle lane in Summoners Rift
neutrals: referring to the AI controlled monsters in the jungle
omw: on my way; used when you are moving to a certain location
oom: out of mana; used when you or an enemy is out of mana, and is vulnerable because of it
physical DPS: a champion that is built to kill other champs by using their basic attack
pot: potion; for instance a health pot would be a health potion
push: when you gather with allies and minions and try to destroy enemy towers and/or inhibitors
ragequit: to quit a game because of anger
re: if someone calls an mia, but relize that they weren't mia, the would just say "re", for instance, "nidalee mia..... re"
Riot: the developer of the game
silence: a move that makes an enemy champion unable to use abilities, but still able to use normal attacks
skillshot: most abilities are auto aimed and always hit the target, but skillshots are aimed manually and can miss
slow: a move that slows the movement speed of a target or group of targets
snare: a move that immobilizes a champion, but allows them to attack
squishy: a champ with low health and armor that can easily be killed if they are alone
SR: the Summoners Rift map
stun: completely immobilizes a champion or group of champions, making them unable to move or attack, but usually lasts for a shorter time than slows
support: these champs are based solely on helping their allies through buffs, heals, and disrupting the enemy
tank: the primary goal of these champs is to keep their allies alive by absorbing incoming fire, usually aided by health and armor items
taunt: a move that forces the targeted champ to attack the champ that used the taunt
top: referring to the top lane in Summoners Rift
ult: ultimate; the defining move a character
unique: some items say "UNIQUE passive" which means that if you buy 2 of the same item, the passive doesn't stack

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