LOL Camera Hack – League of Legends

League of Legends Cam HackThis League of Legends LOL Camera Hack will allow you to zoom in or out, goto 3rd person view, change your field of view, or to move the camera about freely. It does not remove the fog of war, nor allow you to do anything which is considered game breaking.

LOL Camera Hack 

  • Camera Displacement - Moves the camera further away from the game world, similar to Zooming.
  • Camera rotation - Rotate the camera freely.
  • Field of View - Change Field of View, effectively seeing more.
  • Third Person View - Camera will follow character like a third person game, beta Replay support.
  • Fly Camera - Fly the camera using the numpad controls.
  • Mouse Rotation - Lets you rotate the camera by holding down middle click or LCtrl and moving the mouse.

Fly Camera Instructions : Use the following Hotkeys to change your camera view.

  1. League of Legends Cam HackLeft Click(Hold) - Change Direction
  2. NumPad8 - Move Forward
  3. NumPad5 - Move Backward
  4. NumPad7 - Turn Right
  5. NumPad9 - Turn Left
  6. NumPad4 - Strafe Left
  7. NumPad6 - Strafe Right
  8. NumPad1 - Pitch Down
  9. NumPad3 - Pitch Up

Download LOL Camera Hack

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The LOL Camera Hack was created by *M* all credit to the author.

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