LOL: Essential Tips to Win More League of Legends Games

Sadly, there is no single thing you can do to guarantee a win. League of Legends is a team game with the outcome determined by 10 players. But what you do influences the other nine players on Summoner’s Rift. If Kobe Bryant joined your local basketball team, do you think he’d make his team better and be more likely than other players to win? You bet. Though Kobe can have great games for the Lakers, he still loses a game here and there. Does he give up then blame teammates? No. A funny thing is, League of Legends players blame teammates all the time to save their ego – not realizing they need to work on their game.

Stop blaming teammates for loses. Only then can you begin to see errors in your play so you get better. All top pros like DoubleLift say this was their secret to win more League of Legends games.

With the following 11 tips, you win more games right now…


Master one role

Do you love playing top, mid, ad carry, support, or jungler the most? Perhaps the role you most love is what you are best at and what you should master. Though pros can play all roles, most pros are best at one role. My main role is support. I average a 70% win-rate with Janna, Nunu, Soraka, and Taric over 200 games between the champions. If I play support, chances are we’ll win. Similarly, if you are weak in one role, it’s okay to avoid it. Put your pride aside – no one said you have to master five roles.

Play two champions in each role

Your team will not always let you play one role in solo queue. Narrowing selection to two champions per role quickens you to mastery and at the same time does not make you lose with counter-picks.

Narrowing selection to two champions per role quickens you to mastery.

I suggest you pick strong champions based on who you play the best and are high on a good tier-list. A “strong champion” is weak if you are bad at him. Of the two champions you pick, make sure their style varies so they can counter and not be countered by one champion. For example, pick a passive support like Janna and an aggressive support like Blitzcrank.

Play at your peak time

Productivity experts advise to do your most important task of the day when you have your highest focus. For me, it’s first thing in the day. I’ve spoken with players who tracked when they are most likely to win. Some have a 20% win-rate in their first game of the day because they need to warm up. For others their first game is their best game because they are most rested and positive.

The best time to play is unique to you. It probably most depends on your time zone, when you are focused, and when you have a game-winning attitude. For the next week, create a spreadsheet tracking times, kills, deaths, assists, and win or lose to figure out when you play your best. Here’s a spreadsheet I prepared that you can copy and use.

Duo queue with someone better than you

This tip is thrown around in the LoL community, but I give it to you for a different reason. Queue with someone better than you that you like. Talk over a program like Skype. You will have more fun, make plays together, keep your rage between the two of you (which will help your team), and learn. If they have a really higher elo than you, you will be paired against better opponents guaranteed to crack open your weaknesses and make you feel humble. This is your time to learn.

Treat every game like a tournament

Even if you haven’t played a tournament, this tip works. Your senses will heighten and you will play better. You’ll also prepare yourself for big moments. Imagine 10,000 people watching you play over a stream. One day, it may just happen. It happened for the first time in early 2012 for a creator of Summoner School LittleUberGiant who was suddenly spectated by 20,000 viewers through Dyrus’ stream.

Ward well

Good wards stop ganks, allows counter-ganks, and lets you confidently make plays. All this lets you win more. I found that when I lose, I get lazy with wards. How you ward varies for objectives and what towers are up.

The graphic below (which you can click to enlarge) is a good warding guide in the laning phase when towers are up:


How to ward in the laning phase when towers are up


Last hit better

Telling yourself to focus on last-hitting can alone improve your cs. Higher cs means better items and a threatening presence. The next part of this free course covers in-depth how to last hit like a world-class player so you reach 120 minion kills by 15 minutes.

Be positive with teammates

How can this win you more games right now? You reduce the number of trolls you get and help improve your team. Any good coach or manager will tell you negative team-energy is a bad environment for performance. Aim to give at least one compliment to every teammate each game. “You’re last hitting well.” “Nice escape Janna.” “Dude, that was a beast initiation. Good job.

Make your decisions

If someone wants to gank, you tell him to back because an enemy is around, yet they still move into gank, stick to your decision. Should you jump in then die, you will blame the ganking ally even though your death is your fault. If you think yourself to be superior than those you play and they argue with you, just keep quiet.

Stop after three games

League of Legends is addictive! You can play for 10 hours straight, but not play well for 10 hours straight. Rest every third game. That’s one 20-minute break every two hours. If you hate that idea, rest after two losses.

A true rest is not jumping on Facebook. Get away from the computer. The human body has hundreds of rhythms from physical, mental, and emotional that go out of whack when you skip rest.

Have fun

Queue with a friend over Skype, make jokes, talk trash, laugh. Having fun will not make you win, but it will minimize frustration and improve your attitude to indirectly help you win. Don’t get sloppy in your play though from being too relaxed. Keep focused on all these tips and others to win your game.

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Aside from last-hitting, how do you develop all the skills to win?

How do you learn to counter-pick, pick the right runes and masteries every time, last hit, zone, harass, get kills when you gank, develop map awareness, ward, build correctly, team-fight, communicate with your team, practice better, and learn all the 30+ other skills needed to become a better LoL player?

There’s no guide out there to teach you all this. The best answer use to be to pick tips here and there from second-rate guides then learn most of it yourself over hundreds of hours studying, testing, and failing… but this takes so long! And after all that effort, there’s no guarantee you’re going to come out a better player.

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