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Have you heard about the LOL Summoner School? It's a place on the web which will teach you everything you need to know to get out of ELO hell. ELO of course being the lowest level of League of Legends, and grouped with the fools of the game. LOL Summoner School will teach you hot to become the best of the best, the elite of the elite.

LOL Summoner School

There arLOL Summoner Schoole 5 specific guides in the LOL Summoner School and each one will help you to not only get higher in rankings, but to excel. They are:

  1. Introduction to LOL Ranked Play
  2. Pre-Game - Know what you need to do to win
  3. In-Game and the skills you will need to master
  4. How to work as a team and to win as a team
  5. Post game - how to analyze the game you just played, in order to get better.

Additionally, within the members only section, you will find valuable resources in the form of additional tools to help you to master the game - the best which is counters. Knowing which heroes best counter others and also how best to counter them will be without measure.

Here's a sample of the LOL Summoner School. Click Here to download.

VIP members should scroll down for a VERY special offer for them and only them - free access to the complete guide. I was surprised to find this link, but I figure my members are worth sharing it with them...

Just think! By being a VIP member to this site, you save $67 on the actual guide. o.O

Follow the instructions, and enjoy free access to the complete summoner school. If you like the guide, consider buying it...


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