eBay Reputation Farming

eBay Reputation FarmingSomeone asked me the other day on how to do easy eBay Reputation Farming. The first thing that came to mind, was why ask about this? As it turns out, the person wanted to have access to some advanced selling tools. But to use them, you have to have at least 100 reputation on eBay.


eBay Reputation Farming

So how do we go about doing eBay Reputation Farming? This is actually very easy, but you need to have an account which is at least a month old, with a little bit of reputation. You need these, to avoid a ban, because it becomes obvious very quickly what you are doing here - making your rep move up very quickly.

Interestingly enough my first idea, was to offer a service to help people get their rep up. But the problem lies with  needing 100 eBay accounts, 100 PayPal accounts, and all of them verified, then using a proxy to log on each of them. It wouldn't be that hard to make, but would be time consuming - and not needed since we can do eBay Reputation Farming another way. Also of course it only takes eBay themselves ordering it once, before they ban all the accounts and the hard work put into making the system.

My second idea, was a little less time consuming, and didn't require all the accounts, but would require about $100-$500 for the person wanting the rep. Why not just offer people a chance to make $1-$5 with $1 auctions. But alas this can lead to scamming or worse, reporting which again gets your account banned, and a loss of your investment.

My final idea however should cost less then $50, but there are those restrictions - needing an established account, and then needing a little bit of legit reputation. But if you have those, you are golden, and this eBay Reputation Farming Method is going to net you rep in less then a month - the timing however is up to you.

I personally had only about 60 rep since the years I established the account. But after I came up with this idea, I managed to get my rep to 113 in less then one month. Total cost? < $20!

So lets go over that eBay Reputation Farming method now...  

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