Free States for Turbo Tax – Life Hack

I decided to share a Free States for Turbo Tax Life Hack. Once in a while, we put up life hacks. These are hacks which you can use in life, which aren't necessarily computer related. This one is about making sure that you can download states for free, and then download as many as you want, instead of paying an additional $20 or so for multiple states.


NOTICE: Under a new law, any Federal Return (USA), filed with an Earned Income Credit (EIC) or the Additional Child Tax Credit (ACTC), will be held and not processed until February 15th. This is to prevent loss of funds for any potential tax hike. The earliest a Federal Return will be received is February 27th when filed with either EIC or ACTC dependents. Click HERE for more information.

Free States for Turbo Tax - Updated for TT2016 (filing in 2017)

Instructions to getting Free States for Turbo Tax on Windows/Mac:

Let us know in the comments whether or not this Free States for Turbo Tax Life Hack, worked for you or not, or add a filing tip of your own!

29 Responses to Free States for Turbo Tax – Life Hack

  1. Anon says:

    For Mac OSX:

    1) Download free state
    2) Close Turbotax
    3) In terminal, run: rm ~/Library/Application\ Support/TurboTax\ 2015/entitlements
    4) Reopen Turbotax
    5) Download next state
    6) Repeat as needed

  2. Zack says:

    Dude… this is life saver! I just tried the Mac instructions and it works like a charm…

    Thank you, thank you, thank you!

  3. Olivia says:

    One thing missing. When filing the original state it was fah ree; on the second file thay wanted $25 to file it. There must be another file to edit

  4. TheKing says:

    Anon… worked like a champ. Thank you.

  5. Pogo says:

    Any update to this hack for the new tax year?

  6. Spitt says:

    Delete files – ‘Entitlement_TTWin.xml’ & ‘Price_S2016US1040PER’
    Modify file in notepad – ‘Entitlement_TTWin.ini’ , so that all values = 0
    Choose a new state and install it
    Repeat process for additional states.

  7. Pogo says:

    I’m sorry ,should have specified I’m running a mac..

  8. JJ says:

    What about the new hack for Mac? Thanks

  9. Spitt says:

    Have you tried modifying the original instructions for Mac, and changing 2015 to 2016?

    For Mac OSX:

    1) Download free state
    2) Close Turbotax
    3) In terminal, run: rm ~/Library/Application\ Support/TurboTax\ 2016/entitlements
    4) Reopen Turbotax
    5) Download next state
    6) Repeat as needed

  10. JJ says:

    Yes and it says no file or directory when i copy and paste that

  11. Blah says:

    Entitlements folder doesn’t seem to exist for 2016. Subdirs/files as follows:
    /Forms intuitanalytics.db ttkind
    /App_16 1040.16.formset NYI_16.formset
    app12c01.3pe mpwxper.ver peras.3pe tke_dll

  12. JJ says:

    Sorry I am not a computer guy, what does subdirs/files mean? Can you explain in laymans terms?

  13. Spitt says:

    subdirs/files means Sub-directories and files.

    Mac Instructions: Delete entitlement_ttwin.xml & price_s2016us1040per.xml then modify entitlement_ttwin.ini so all values=0
    Don’t worry if it says basic, it will still be the version you installed.

    Speaking of which, I have uploaded the TurboTax Home/Business 2016 for Mac above to download as well – for those interested…

  14. JJ says:

    I am still real confused and can’t figure this damn thing out. I cant find the “entitlement” stuff to delete and modify

  15. Spitt says:

    Sorry, I can’t help you more. I am familiar with Windows and Android, and am able to search for specific file names, and then edit or delete them. But Mac? idk.

    However, if you use VMWare and Windows loaded within, you can run the Windows version of TT2016 and then use it’s hack for free states. If this is also beyond you, maybe another person will help you here.

  16. Helper says:


    I just did it. I too had the issue but we didn’t follow his next instruction…..

    program files or program files(x89)/
    is just verifying you actually downloaded your original file correctly….

    is what you want to modify.

    now of course if you running windows 10 everything is simplified visually but you have to use common knowledge to figure out which file is indeed the .xml

    delete the .xml File and the “price” File.

    then right click on the other (non .xml) file and click notepad and change all numbers to “0”

    once finished click save

    open turbo tax 2016 and you get another free state…

  17. sam says:

    I have turbotax 2016 premiere and i need 3 additional states. I tried to follow the comments but it seems hard for me. Can anyone tell me step by step how to install the states for free? Thanks

  18. TB says:

    For MAC users I had success by deleting the entitlement file in the Application Support TurboTax folder and the S2016US1040PER file in the Caches-Availability-TB Tax folder

  19. sam says:

    TB can you help me with step by step instructions on how you were able to do it?

  20. king says:

    also looking for step by step instructions on MAC for additional states. Seems like people figured out, a little more guidance would be appreciated

  21. king says:

    MAC got here
    To navigate to the Application Support folder please follow these steps:
    Open the “Go to Folder” menu. Open the Finder. Go to the Menu Bar and open the “Go” menu. …
    Enter the path of the Application Support folder. Copy the following path and paste it into the “Go to Folder” input field. ~/Library/Application Support.

  22. king says:

    then ~/Library/Caches you will see the files to delete. i got it to work.

  23. soxfan says:

    Thank you TB… it worked for me on the mac

  24. Rachel Ominey says:

    King has it dead on. It can’t be found trying to drill down through the normal channels so you have to use the GO option in Finder. I need 3 states to file and deleting the ENTITLEMENTS and S2016US1040PER file are what you need to do to get the other states for FREE.
    Thanks, King. You solved the puzzle. A huge help.

  25. Josh says:

    worked for me on mac. Thanks TB, king and Rachel!!!

  26. kirby says:

    So is there a similar fix for Windows for 2017?

  27. Spitt says:

    I am sure there is, we just need to figure it out, but since no one can file yet anyways…

  28. Pogo says:

    I had luck with this year’s. I followed the same steps King posted, and only had to delete the “Entitlements” file. When I opened the program back up, I had to download my second state, and then “add” them.

  29. Jaf says:

    Incredible – King’s instructions worked perfectly on 2017 Home & Business for Mac. Thank you!

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