Make $350 yearly with $30 investment – Life Hack

Make $350 yearly with $30 investment - Life HackWhy am I going to teach you how to Make $350 yearly with $30 investment? I am probably one of the last people you would think would know how to many money online. But I have had both success and failure over the years, and I have leaped back and forth on my various websites. But since 1999, when this site first opened, I have experimented with various ideas.

Updated 10 August 2016 - Added more information which will help increase profits.

Make $350 yearly with $30 investment

This latest idea, which has taught me how to make $350 yearly with $30 investment could potentially be a breakthrough for me. The $30 investment doesn't include your time, energy, nor creativity. What it does include however, is the cost of a domain, cheap hosting, and the cost of this guide. Once you have those, you can follow my method to make money - AFK. I am not going to make tons of money on this. In fact, other then the cost to access this guide, all I will earn is around $5 after taxes and/or affiliate fees - consider it as your way to donate back to this site and to help cover my hosting fees.

You won't have to do much. In fact, other then to ensure a program is running in the background every few hours, after your initial time investment of a few hours, you will be on your way to making cash and getting paid a couple times a year. 

Personally, I have been testing this method since August of last year, and really worked to perfect it starting in February of this year. I got my first check early this month, ensuring that this method, does in fact work.

You won't be selling anything - unless you want to... you won't need a business loan to get this working nor any credit, you won't even need a degree in marketing - though you might need a credit card. I am going to suggest you don't use free hosting even though you will be tempted to save money this way - it will rob you of  your cash flow. You will understand my claim once you read the guide and won't need to be an Attorney to understand it.

I am only asking that you take a leap of faith here and read this guide on how to Make $350 yearly with $30 investment. If you're already a member of this site, then you get all this information for free (see below).

So let's get onto the lesson how to Make $350 yearly with $30 investment. As stated, you need a domain and hosting. I recommend Godaddy to start out. I use this service for all of my domains. Since Godaddy often runs coupons giving free hosting with a domain, or a free domain with hosting, this is going to be the better bet then anything else out there - unless it's near Cyber Monday - in which case there are several other website hosting companies you can choose for a discount. If you plan to do this with many sites, then you should opt for a single host which allows multiple domains. In which case GoDaddy is a good choice.

Once you choose your domain and point the the domain to your hosting company, you will need to set up WordPress on the site. You can choose your own design, you can go with something standard for a theme, or you can just opt for something easy like Suffusion. Suffusion is very versatile and for anyone just starting out, it's an easy solution. 

Now before you start writing content, you need to read this guide:

Remember! When earning money with this tutorial to Make $350 yearly with $30 investment - you can always invest in a second or 3rd website. The more you create, the more you make. Each additional website should cost about $20 a year.

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