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This Life Pro Tip, is actually one I used in gaming for several years, when I ran a successful powerleveling company. Since we used Chinese workers, and I needed to pay them, we needed a way to get them paid quickly, without loss of fees - which would raise costs of powerleveling. We were a hand powerleveling company, unlike most of the bot companies these days. So we needed a way to do Faster Money Transfers with China Included.

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Faster Money Transfers LPT

Before I get into  the method for Faster Money Transfers to China or even in your home country, I do want to explain one more thing. When you use a service like PayPal, you CAN send money to China. In those days, it only cost $1 to do a mass payment with 1 payee, per payee. That was a steal to send it to China, but for them to receive it, it could take a week and then the banks were charging fees to cash it out. Nice little gig they have there - them banks. Those days, Bitcoin wasn't as popular as it is now, and since Bitcoin isn't easy to transfer back and forth, and also takes time to cash out, it would also be a non-recommended way.

Faster Money Transfers Method

So here's the method I used to do Faster Money Transfers  to China, but it also works here at home too. Bank deposits. It seems simple when you think about it, you simply go to the person's bank, whom you need to pay. You're going to need their routing number and account number, the name may or may not help. So you go to the bank, make a deposit into the person't account, and instantly, without fees, the money is in the other person's account.

Faster Money Transfers to China

Now to China the method to do Faster Money Transfers  takes a little setup. First, you need to get a Bank of America bank account. You then need to order 2 ATM cards. One should NOT be a credit card type, and only allow access to the bank account. Specifically an ATM card, nothing with a logo for Mastercard nor visa. Send the ATM card to the person in China. Now you need to call Bank of America and tell them that your family member will be in China, and authorize it's use there for the next month. This part, you will need to repeat monthly, but not the sending of an ATM card.

Once the other person has the ATM card, let them know the PIN number. And place money in the account. In China, the Bank of America branches are called China Construction Bank. They can then goto one of the branches and pull out money. It will instantly be converted to Chinese currency (CNY or RMB depending on which exchange you are looking at), when they pull out the money.

This method may work for other countries, I haven't tested it however.

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Faster Money Transfers from China

I used this method before I got into powerleveling. I offered a service which the Chinese wanted. It's also how I built a strong relationship with my partners there.

Faster Money Transfers - JCB card LogoIn order to get money from China, we will use a similar method to the Faster Money Transfers to China. Instead, your friend in China needs to open one or more bank accounts in China which offers the JCB logo. While you won't be able to pull money out at a bank or credit union, you will be able to pull money out a ATM's located in stores. However, I preferred ATMs in Casinos. The ones in stores usually have a limit of $100 or $200 to pull out. The ones in casinos can be as much as $1000 a day. Either of them are going to have fees to pull out, but you can expect around $2-$3 per transaction. So if you are receiving money you want to be able to pull out more.

Personally, my partners sent me 5 bank cards, for 5 different bank accounts, and spread the monies over these 5 accounts. Now the casino I went to, offered $600 max withdrawals. So I was able to pull out $3000 daily with a fee of around $15. Considering the money was instantly ready, the $15 fee was worth it. A bank transfer would have taken days, and incurred a $50 fee.

So now you know my method for doing Faster Money Transfers worldwide. I have used it to transfer money to and from China, as well as here at home. It's great when you loan out money to someone not close to you, like family members in need of money. Allows you to skip the services which charge an arm and a leg. You should never need Western Union, Moneygram, nor Ria ever again - let alone need to do a bank transfer internationally.

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