Lord of the Rings Online: Skirmish exploits

by forusrname

OK, so you are bound to have noticed by now that we have a custom, private instance that, while limited a bit, has a wide number of uses apart from doing the actual skirmish. Here are a few of my favorites, add yours 🙂

The Bio break: Ok, when you gotta go, you gotta go and not everyone's mom is like cartman's so.... you join the prancing pony and dont talk to captain obvious to start the event. Bam, you have teleported from the nasty, crowded orc camp that you were questing in to a safe place, so you can go afk in safety.

The LI buster: Step up to mr forge master, and pop into one of the easy skirmishes. Equip your victim LI, kill a wave of mobs, and cancel the quest for the skirmish (this teleports you out). However, this does NOT reset your instance until you either time out or fail it, so you can go right back in.... kill, pop out, bust, enter, kill, pop out,..... until all your items are now in relic form.

The trader: You ever notice that when you mail your pal a full stack of iron bars, the shipping and handling for the in game mail system is hundreds of silver? So, you chase the other player down in bree or 21st or something to hand it over, spending 80 silver on horse rides instead..... bah! Simply group up and join a group skirmish, hand over the goods, and pop right back out of there.

The sanctuary: You want to pretend you are leetsauce, and here in the forums, you are, at least according to yourself. But if you care to admit it, there are times when you overdid it and the mobs are spawning fast and thick, you killed that last one with 200 morale and 0 power and they are already respawning.... jump in and chat with elrond's boys, have a snack down by the river, and come back to reality with full health, food ticking, and ready to take it to those orcs!

Anyway, I am finding the free teleport to a safe, shared instance very handy from time to time as you can see. Anyone else thinking along these lines?

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  1. TomRiddle says:

    there is a 1 hour penalty buff given to you when you leave a skirmish before completion which is why i didnt post this

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