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Why Wont you (Turbine) increase our bag space


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Post Re: Why Not Expand the size of our bags?
For the record, the main reason your bag/bank space is limited is not a design decision, but a tech mandate. All that inventory bloats the data footprint of every character in the game. They take up more space in the databases, it take longer to load, it takes longer to run through your inventory when various events occur in game that have to check against it, etc.

We can (and in various ways have) gradually expand them as the server technology improves, but the real limit is the data footprint, in much the way that your maximum mount speed limit is more a factor of load times and perception distances than it is any design limitation.

Now an astute player might argue: "But Turbine! AC1 had huge inventories with complex items in them, why does a newer game like LOTRO have less space?". The answer to that is simply that a LOTRO character has a whole lot of OTHER data on your character as well. Namely thousands of deeds, quests, virtues and so on that our previous games didn't have, and all of those likewise compete for space on your 'character sheet'.

We've been working to transition elements out of the player inventory into other areas where they don't 'weigh' so much - moving the quest items into your journals, possibly converting tokens into currencies, stuff like that which other have already brought up in this thread. But it's a gradual process, and in the meantime we lock the bonus slots behind mechanisms that make them somewhat difficult to get, so that only a player who really needs the extra space will buy/use it, as opposed to every alt or mule in the game adding that additional load.


Skirmishes as a Way to Grind Low Level Deeds

comment: Last night I was doing the Tuckburough Skirmish and a Deed went *DING*. I thought it was just another Skirmish Deed so I ignored it. About my third or fourth time doing that Skirmish another Deed went *DING* so I took a look and realized I was getting regular Shire Slayer Deeds done and out of the way.

Same thing happened for me at the Prancing Pony and at Defense of Tal Bruinen!

What a most pleasant surprise!

I don't know if this is WAI, but if it wasn't intended, I hope the Devs keep it this way.

The less we lvl65s have to run back to old regions and step on the toes of lvl10 n00bs to grind our Deeds, I think the better for everyone involved.

Dev reply:

it is definitely intended.

It's better for your play experience to not have to farm greys, for new players who need those wolves in the shire, and for the server to have those deeds finished instead of constantly waiting to be told to advance. So yes, definitely intended.


Skirmishes Direction

We are constantly watching the data and seeing which skirmishes are disproportionately valuable for the amount of time spent in them. Some will have their values come down, others will have their values go up, some will have their difficulty reduced, others will have their difficulty increased.

The goal is to not make them all the same, as far as play time or relative challenge. However, if you log in and choose one over the others because it is flat out more worth your time, that's not the goal. All should be just as attractive from the rewards side of things given the time you are putting in.

NOTE Dec 10 Patch:

Reduced the number of medallions when beating Challenge Mode Sword-hall from 5 to 4

The Sword Halls of Dol Guldur

* It is no longer possible for players to revive and re-enter the fight once players have triggered the encounter. The gates preventing this behavior will lower in between each boss death and the beginning of successive waves of “trash mobs.” Getting caught between these gates while they are up will cause the instance to reset.
* Chests for “normal” mode boss deaths will now only spawn the first time a boss dies on “normal” mode. Any other kills of the boss in question will no longer spawn a reward chest.


from: http://forums.lotro.com/showthread.php?t=303829

author: Sapience


New Lottery Schedules and Info!
We’re thrilled to see how much enthusiasm there is for our new LOTRO lottery system! Like all new features we introduce, we’ve been paying very close attention to the feedback you’ve provided and as a result, we’re making some changes to the lotteries.

Gone are the seemingly random start and stop times for lotteries. Instead, we’ll be hosting lotteries on a predictable schedule everyone can follow, starting November 23! Now you’ll know when new lotteries are ready to enter and when to check in to my.lotro.com to see if you’ve won.

Monday Lottery (All Levels)
Starts Monday at 3:00PM Eastern. Ends Wednesday at 9:00AM Eastern.

Hevensday Lottery (All Levels)
Starts Wednesday at 3:00PM Eastern. Ends Friday at 9:00AM Eastern.

Highday Lottery (All Levels)
Starts Friday at 3:00PM Eastern. Ends Monday at 9:00AM Eastern.

Welcome Wagon Lottery (Level 1-15)
Three times per week! Starts Monday, Wednesday and Friday at 3:00PM Eastern and ends on Wednesday, Friday, and Monday (respectively) at 9:00AM Eastern.

What can I win?
We’re not going to ruin the fun -- you’ll have to check in to see what items are up for grabs! The Monday, Hevensday, and Highday lotteries will constantly change. You never know what we might slip in there! We can tell you the Welcome Wagon Lottery will always have items that are useful to players from level 1-15 to help them along their way.

end of quote

so go to-> http://my.lotro.com/

if your "player" name is joeblow (the name you sign in to, at the lotro Forum you can search players or just go type in the address goto bar -> http://my.lotro.com/joeblow

Right above your character list on the upper lext is a section called Lottery, click enter and win

check the boxes by the characters to enter on the pop up window, and hit Submit, at the bottom

they updated mylotro to v 3 which now has a box under the lottery submissions telling you if you have won instead of checking each toon for mail announcing win


from: http://community.codemasters.com/forum/showthread.php?t=400447

author/artist: Steelskin


After spending a few hours in the dungeon, I thought a map could be useful. I also put in the patrol's paths. Though I advise against using it the first few times, until you've really figured out how the instance works, spoils all the fun D: Take note that the deeds and daily quests are currently bugged and that the rewards are not worth the effort at the moment but the patch the US got and that we should get soon™ should fix that.

There it is:


(All hail my leet Paint skills!)

end of quote

There are THREE 3mans

Dungeons (the above map)
Sword Halls (3 boss fight)
Warg Pens (you kill wargs)

and ONE six man

Sammath Gul (4 bosses, if you include hardmode)

and ONE raid

Barad Guldor (3 bosses each with different hardmodes)


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  1. JayTanWalker says:

    Hello folks… Im completely new here but I can not wait to commence having/getting some excellent interactions along with you all! I just thought i would introduce myself to you all so howdy!

  2. unlitssic says:

    I am a newbie here.
    Glad to find this forum…as what I am looking for

  3. TomRiddle says:

    Hey JayTanWalker, and unlitssic welcome!!

    If you have any requests or questions please feel free to voice them

    I’m sorry if I sometimes come across a a little doom and gloom concerning Lotro, but sometimes games are changed by the companies that produce them from what you the player thought was the games focus to a different path…

    but after 38 months I still get on and might be able to help you with things…

  4. stream says:

    How you find ideas for articles, I am always lack of new ideas for articles. Some tips would be great

  5. TomRiddle says:

    In my mind I am writing for my friends who do not have the time to sift through dozens of posts at the main lotro site, I use the view posts since last visit option and skim

    I look for topics that interest ME the long time player, that explain or rarely show me something or a way to do something that is quicker/better than the way I had done it…

    Also the KEY posts are 1) bullroarer patch notes, and 2) dev replies

    1) bullroarer is the preview server and isengard is the true beta/test server or liken it to isengard is a closed alpha while bullroarer is a beta (sometimes open sometimes not) when things hit bullroarer they rarely get changed more than a teeny tweak as a several time closed bullroarer participant our cries and beggings for fixes/suggestions rarely were implemented

    so today (4-1-10) I see a new patch list


    and in it:



    * Fixed an issue where campfire kit recipe scrolls were not filtering properly in Novice and Expert Cook vendor windows. These recipes will now show up correctly when filtering by profession tier.
    * A bug was introduced for some Supreme Cook’s Guild Cooked Food recipes which resulted in these recipes requiring far fewer ingredients than intended. The following recipes have been updated and now need the full amount of required ingredients to be executed:
    o Superior Rack of Lamb with Mint Sauce Recipe
    o Superior Shepherd’s Pie Recipe
    o Superior Bread and Jam Recipe
    o Superior Lothlórien Waybread Recipe
    o Superior Golden Wood Roast Recipe
    o Superior Galadhrim Ration Recipe

    end of quote

    so I would make an fyi or alert post at my kin site or other sites mentioning the change in the costs of the cook recipes

    changes that affect the pocketbook of your characters is usually a hot topic

    2) Dev replies

    from: State of the Game Address – 2010


    I can actually answer this directly and honestly. Mostly because I did so all weekend long to players and press alike. PAX East is a first year show and as such fairly small. It also fell at an odd time in LOTRO’s Marketing cycle. Right after a release (Volume III: Allies of The King) and just before our Third Anniversary. So we did not make any announcements. We have announcements we’re preparing for a bit later, but they weren’t things we were ready to unveil at PAX East, especially considering the comparatively small audience.

    With DDO, there happens to be a content update right around the corner, so the timing was perfect to show off what those players were going to see in the very near future.

    LOTRO certainly didn’t get short shrift, we had lines around our booth every day of the show with new and current players lining up to get signed copies of the game. We literally went through stacks and stacks. Some players waited in line for over an hour for signatures. I spoke to a good many reporters about the game (both US and European) and we ran a $9.99 show special for PAX that had a tremendous response. We’re seeing a lot of new players coming to the game as a result of PAX.

    So no, I’m sorry, you’re going to have to wait awhile longer for an official announcement.

    end of quote

    while there isnt really anything there worth posting about it gives you stuff to talk about in chat ….

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    Hope to know more member here.

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    Just Joined this forums. would like to say hello to every one.

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