LOTRO: Reset raid locks

You need one person that is outside the raid to do this.

  1. Have the extra person have their character outside of the instance they haveno locks.
  2. Everyone but the raid leader leaves the instance.
  3. The raid leader invites the extra person that is parked outside of another raid instance into the raid.
  4. Raid leader leaves instance and transfers leadership to the person they just invited.
  5. The new leader enters their instance.
  6. At the same time everyone in the raid tries to go into their door but will be kicked out.
  7. All locks will now be off.
  8. The extra person will now leave their instance and transfer leadership back and then leave the raid.


One Response to LOTRO: Reset raid locks

  1. TomRiddle says:

    When I was in soM beta, the nice thing is seeing the +Name guys out in the zones, its neat to talk to a dev or in my case hear second conversations..raid locks came up in a chat..

    While this is very widely known, prop 99% of all raiders know it, it is EASY to catch and they threaten to ban, but mostly they don’t……

    found the thread in the beta forum (to confirm my memory) this is fixed should be on live dec 1

    so I wouldn’t do it knowing that at least +15 rad gear can be gotten in upcoming 3 man skirmishes that don’t even require a healer to do in easy mode

    with the nda lifted I put my notes and c and p’s (26 topics) at http://jaq.guildlaunch.com/forums/viewforum.php?f=746881&gid=16828

    they requested we not c and p but that wasn’t in the original nda agreement which I honored…….

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