LOTRO: Crafter Reputation Guide

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One Response to LOTRO: Crafter Reputation Guide

  1. TomRiddle says:

    A nice guide for the era it was made, unfortunately it really has limited use as it

    uses more materials than the most efficient recipe to raise your crafting skill, so isn’t really good for crafting

    doing quests for reputation (and then unlocking repeatable daily quests, if any, mostly in the higher zones)
    and gathering the reputation items that are drops (in the early zones) is a faster way to raise faction

    faction isn’t as important anymore as you can get a repair discount at the supplier in your house or kin house area, turbine does use faction in the higher levels as a “gate” to permit you to go to the next area but at that level doing quests is the way to go

    there is one reputation mount that most players I know get: http://lotro-wiki.com/index.php/Elf_Ambassador's_Horse as it takes 3 factions but in leveling most people acquire 2 of the 3 and just need to go back to raise rivendell rep so most grind a few hours at the bitter stairs for rep item drops

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