LOTRO Complete Riddle Solutions: The Inn of the Forsaken

Complete Riddles:

The Inn of the Forsaken - Riddles in the Dark

written by Tom Riddle of mmoexploiters (c)2011

I don’t know why but while I was “composing” this intro in my head, I could hear the sonorous tones of Walter Cronkite pontificating: “Never has so much effort been spent on an effort with such little rewards....”

Then I thought I heard Bilbo snorting in disgust. “Hurrumph, Get THREE chances at solving a Riddle, and then if you FAIL ..... what .. what … do you get???

ANOTHER Riddle to solve.. WHERE'S the PENALTY... In my day when I was fighting Gollum in our battle of wits, if I had answered wrongly it would have been my DEATH.....

Since this solving a riddle to get to the actual fighting area is unique to most quests Lotro has, it’s a shame that  Turbine couldn’t tie getting to tier two or a challenge into solving the first Riddle without having to go to the second or third.....

Tips for those going for the deed, and are wanting to “move” through the riddles as fast as possible to get to an unsolved Riddle...

Create a shortcut at your first quickslot, the bottom bar. Temporarily remove the skill that is there to another location. Then key in (since we don’t use typewriter’s you do not say type anymore, right): /shortcut 1 /bio (or your choice of emotes; I didn’t think of this until on my THIRD go, fixing a mistake of overwriting one screen shot DOH!) Lock your quickslots back up, then press 1 three times, until the eyes light up and left click the runed door. Then hit escape if the riddle that comes up is not the one you need.

TIP: When you get a Riddle that you have already solved use /bio Make sure the Rune Door is targeted! (Didn’t think Turbine could think of a scenario where “bio-ing” on the door would solve a riddle... anyway I used /bio to get to all 83 Riddles and it didn’t solve any of the Riddles)

I gathered all the Riddles first, with screen shots for reference ...  and I am now trying to do the deed of solving all 83 Riddles, You have to use instance join to start the quest which lets you do the deed, when you solve a riddle you have to Leave the instance and start a NEW instance at a different level. Example I do 65 solve a riddle do a 60 instance solve go back to 65 rinse and repeat after doing the instance  5 times I got this: Encounter entry limits exceeded, cannot enter private encounter. So it will take roughly 17 hours to do the deed as you can only do 5 instances in one hour.

I solved all 83 Riddles and there is a separate column for the solutions but I used the spoiler tags here so for an example

How much does Tom like the page making editor here? [gn_spoiler title="show answer"]GRRRR 😈 [/gn_spoiler]

So if you want to try to solve the riddles yourself, you know the answers are here if you get stuck...

I'll soon have a link up for a printable page for the emotes, with a spot for you to write or check which Riddles you have solved if you are going for the deed so you don't have to write out 1 - 83 a half dozen times like I did...In most cases in the answers is the dialogue copied from the chat screen to help match the answer to the right screen shot which has the number of the riddle in it..

I gathered and confirmed the known answers posted to the Lotro test server forum and solved the rest (over half) myself This is not as hard as it sounds for the answers are a known quantity, the emotes ANY player can use.

Well, I hope my fellow members at rpg-exploiter's enjoy these riddles or brain challengers, you do not have to play Lotro to enjoy them 🙂

Here are the links for the emotes which make up the answer pool plus a space to write down the 83 answers or just check off which Riddle you have solved. Below these, you will find the answers, if you need help.

PDF Version:

Open Office word doc version:
http://www.4shared.com/document/Qa5Zjithen press 1 then left  and clickV5/Current_Lotro_Emotes_with_One_.html

Google doc version:

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