Lotro lookout: The RoR Launch edition

The Riders of Rohan expansion launched on October 15, 2012.

 written and compiled by Tom Riddle

Update 8, Riders of Rohan, Official

(Official) Riders of Rohan Known Issues

(Player created) Riders of Rohan Launch Day FAQs

Some key "snippets" from Fredelas' FAQ's:
Q: "Where do I go next?"
A: In general, the progression through Eastern Rohan goes:

  • Level 75-76: The Wold (start at Langhold) and/or The East Wall (start virtually anywhere)
  • Level 77-78: Norcrofts (start at Elthengels)
  • Level 79-80: Entwash Vale (start at Eaworth)
  • Level 81-82: Eaves of Fangorn (start at the fishing camp outside the entrance)
  • Level 83-85: Sutcrofts (start at Garsfeld)
  • Level 84-85: Hytbold

Q: "Why can't I finish the quest 'Rohan Awaits'?"
A: You probably finished the Langhold quest arc already. "Rohan Awaits" must be completed first. You can safely continue questing in the Northern Wold. It's a known issue

Q: "My freep characters can't get to the Ettenmoors! Why not?"
A: The Free Peoples must now be level 80 to travel to the Ettenmoors.

Undocumented Changes
None of these sources of info addressed the problem of the missing Friends List until:

Friends List and Ignore list restoration
 We are currently making changes to the chat server that will restore your friends list and ignore list.  This will revert your friends list and ignore lists back to the way they were when the servers were taken down to upgrade to Rohan. Any changes or additions you have made since yesterday's release of Riders of Rohan will be replaced with the information from the  pre-rohan lists.

In the Beta, they added a Mac Client BUT:
Q: I'm running the mac client for LOTRO and i have patched everything but upon trying to enter Imladris (the server i play on) i get a error and the game shuts down, anyone knows what to do ?
A1: There is no mac client available for the live game, yet. The only client is the Bullroarer client and it can only be used to connect to Bullroarer, which is currently closed.
A2: I know we're all super excited for the Mac client on our side too! Unfortunately though, we haven't announced a release date for the client yet. Once we get it all nailed down on our side, you can be certain that we'll announce more information regarding the Mac client.

There were the usual game day loading issues, server crashes, client crashes but most players did get on the game even if it took several hours longer than expected…. The gameplay was okay, redoing the quests to get the war steed for the sixth time was boring but listening to kinmates comments was fun as we all struggled to control our warsteeds which have a totally different UI than the regular UI we've been accustomed to since 2007… I purchased the new expansion for 4295 TP using my saved monthly 500 turbine points benefit (I do not plan to ever give WB/Turbine any more $) so I might be missing some of the extras that my kinmates received but so far we have been able to play together with no problems and everyone got to see their new horsies which seems like the new "LI" that will provide the grinders something to do until 2014 after they give us Western Rohan (this expansion is only half a zone)….


Some other posts …
How do I get my War Horse? Here's how.

WARNING *Spoilers*

Ror Review, So Far (pretty fairin the likes/don't likes)
Ffirst level 85 already!!?!
For the combat log parsers (get a life jk:)
FYI: Rohan's Physical Mitigation is Common Mitigation
They gave ma MEDIUM war steed I wanted a….
Light War Steed
If you are getting close to 84 then you need:
Fredalas' Hytbold: A Guide to Rebuilding and Armour
MAJOR crafting problem resolved:
How to get Craft Guild Reputation
Q: Major confusion on my part. Apparently under the new update the Guild Leader no longer accepts (reputation) symbols/scrolls/etc in exchange for Guild reputation. Apparently no one else in the Guild Hall does either. Where do we go now to exchange these items for Guild reputation? I didn't find this in the Crafting Release notes. Thanks in advance.
A: You should be able to Right-Click on the Rep Item, and get the same Result as if You have Turned them in.

RoR Changes to Crafting (started when NDA was lifted…)
The war steed ui eliminates a LOT of your options but a kinmate said his LUA Tonic Bars fixed that!
Introduction to Lua UI scripts
hope this helps get you all started, have fun!

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