Editable Rapid Repeat Script

This Editable Rapid Repeat Script was written in AutoHotKey and will allow you to press the left mouse button, to repeatedly fire off any key that you choose. Basically, instead of pressing a key over and over, this Editable Rapid Repeat Script will do it all for you, while holding down a button instead. Now I did mention it's editable, right? This means instead of the left mouse button, you can change it to any other key, and the same goes for the 1 key you want it to press. Currently, the Editable Rapid Repeat Script is set to repeat the 0 key, but there is no reason you couldn't change it to any other number, or letter on your keyboard.

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Editable Rapid Repeat Script

Editable Rapid Repeat ScriptFor me, this means I no longer have to repeatedly press the 1 key, to use my in-game macro when I play Rift. But you could also use it in WoW, CS:GO, Fallout 4, ESO, COD:BO3, or any other game of your choosing! Not only do we provide you with the script itself, but instructions on how to edit it - so you can make it work with all of your favorite games. Best of all, you don't even need to use a script editor, so no special functions or debugging to learn. Just open with notepad, or any other text editor (not to be confused with a word processor like MS Word or Apache Write), edit it with our simple instructions, save and go!

There are 2 ways you can get this Editable Rapid Repeat Script. As a VIP member, you can simple keep reading. Or, as a non-VIP member, you can download both the script and the editing instructions by filling out a simple survey. The choice is yours.

Non-VIP Members Download

Download Script - Mirrors #1 | #2 | #3

VIP Member Instructions

First, copy the following text to notepad, notepad++, or context (or similar text editor).If you have any questions or concerns, just post a reply here.


Standard Disclaimer: Use at your own risk, do not show off, do not tell your friends about this. This Editable Rapid Repeat Script is not detected as a game hack, nor is it a game hack, it is only a macro. The use of macros in some games are against the TOS, make sure you read up about them before you come crying about how you got banned - because you didn't get banned from using this script. How do I know? Because no game company can detect what the Editable Rapid Repeat Script does. The only thing they can tell is that you are running a macro program, but not what it does, and for that, you can't be banned because they can't tell if it's interacting with their game, or simply being used on another application or to repeat a task not related to games. You can't even be VAC or Overwatch banned, so you're as safe as we can make you - unless you brag/show off.

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