Lotro: Advanced Fellowship Assisted Heal Bot

This Advanced Fellowship Assisted Heal Bot script performs a wide variety of functions. Its main use is to follow you around and heal you while you fight. This allows you to make your own groups and level easily.

Complete list of functions you get;

  • Turn healing on and off
  • Turn Anti-AFK on and off
  • Turn War Speech on and off
  • Switch instruments when assisting in combat (and changing back after)
  • Skirmish 
    • Buffing (calling soldier, eating cooked food)
    • Calling soldier separately if he dies
    • Automatic accept and travel to a skirmish or classic instance
  • Automatic acceptance of Ranger "Guide" abilities (porting from on area to another)
  • Automatic acceptance of Trade requests
  • Automatic healing, spells based on the amount of health lost
  • Commanded to assist in combat
    • While in combat, the PH script will break off and heal if needed
    • While in combat, the PH script will detect if combat has ended and cease fighting.
  • Upon command, the PH will:
    1. Follow you
    2. Mount or Unmount
    3. Eat cooked food, trail food, and or fortifying food (cooked food is the only one setup at this time)
    4. Perform a Tale of Battle buff
    5. Exit the script

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