Install Free Skins & Mods on Minecraft – Win10

I wanted to teach you how to Install Free Skins & Mods on Minecraft in Windows 10. You see it took me a good month or 2 to figure out how to do it, without having to pay for official mods in the Minecraft store. So for some reason, it appears that its not actually easy to install mods and skins that you see on other sites on the Windows 10 version of Minecraft. However, that doesn't mean there isn't a way, they just make it difficult.

Install Free Skins & Mods on Minecraft

Install Free Skins & Mods on MinecraftYou see I tried Curse' addons, and when I followed the instructions there was no information or it was incorrect. When I tried on the Twitch gaming app, it said I didn't have Minecraft installed. I did get it to say I could login, just needed to log into my Mojang account. With Windows 10 however, we have an XBox version of the game with an XBox login. Mind you, that's not a true XBox version of the game, it's just the version which runs on Windows. I had also bought an XBox version of Minecraft adventures, only to find out that the version I had, was for the console, not Windows 10. 

So all in all there is a bit of confusion with XBox, Windows 10, and Minecraft. I searched and searched and searched, and finally found the answer I needed, which was how to Install Free Skins & Mods on Minecraft in Win10. Let me share that with you now.

The key that we need to do, is download .mcpack files. These are a bit like zip files, except that they are associated as installable skin packs and mods for Minecraft in Windows 10. There are a few sites you can do this, but I think my favorite one thus far is MCPE DL. It was the first one that I used, and I found a couple really nice addons which I use off and on.

Install Free Skins & Mods on Minecraft - Example

My favorite mod thus far, is Superloot 2.0. It makes everything harder. If you've played Minecraft, even in hard mode, the mobs may or may not die after a few hits - depending on your weapon. But in Superloot, you'll need to hit some mobs many more times, and they hit super hard too. But in exchange for taking all this damage, you will also have the chance to get some really high level loot. Unfortunately, it's not perfect. It's not perfect because in order to get blaze rods in the Nether, I had to uninstall it. I was killing Blazes, and wasn't getting the right loot - no Blaze rods. Other mobs wouldn't drop Magma cream. So this means while I was getting really nice weapons and armor, I couldn't make poison arrows, I had trouble taming a wolf companion, and there was little chance of getting blaze rods and magma cream. But I still usually play with it on, in survival mode, to add difficulty to the game.

Tip, if you're looking for a custom world, you can also search for .mcworld files.

Install Free Skins & Mods on Minecraft - Manually

If you're needing to install a zip file, then it's a bit more manual. You will need to open up your file explorer, and navigate to :


Open up the zip or rar, or which ever archiver is used, and extract your files into the proper folder (per the instructions of the addon).

If you need a good unarchiver, you can use 7zip.

So all in all, the best way to install Install Free Skins & Mods on Minecraft in Windows 10, is to search for a site which offers MCPack or MCWorld files.

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